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Long-bed love do not love winter kennel pet supplies can help you
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Although only 10 months, but the face of hot and cold weather, or to make early plans. This "plan" to family members in addition to considering buying winter clothes, we should also think of the family dog. So, what items can help the dog warm winter it? What are the new wave of the most beautiful new fancy it? Quickly followed with a small note to search for a search bar. Kennel: The first is the fabric selection The first step must be furnished in a warm kennel. Kennel fabrics are cotton, and acrylic, as well as cashmere material, filler mainly three types: sponge, cotton, cotton, seven holes. School children pet owner "distinctly mother" is also an experienced dog owners, with the understanding of the industry, she said, the kennel is best to choose cotton fabrics, and because it is not prone to static electricity; followed by the velvet material , and very warm and comfortable; better not choose acrylic, and acrylic is cheap, but the dog hair and acrylic contact, easy to tie. Filler is best to choose seven holes of cotton, warm, wet, but also easy to dry; followed by the selection of pure cotton, warm and good, but not easy to dry wet; the final choice is spongy, soft, warm also good, prices are also the most expensive. Details are also important The design of the kennel, and now more and more considerate. For instance, some kennel pad is a child below the skin, so that you can waterproof pad wet or dirty child, only child wash pad to get away; another example, some kennel added a rope, so that can adjust according to the size of dog the size of the kennel. In addition, during the day, you can put a rope Larsson, dogs can lavish on a "luxury" and roll play, at night, put the rope closer, the dog can sleep close to the nest, like building the quilt in general, will not be cold. In addition to perfect the details, the kennel in the modeling is also very rich. Some kennels are designed into a variety of cartoon characters, such as the great whales, work well, and children's toys is almost the same. Some are made of a small house, there's been turned into a sleeping bag looks like, in short, a lot of choice. But not all dogs are suitable for living in the nest. "Distinctly mother" told reporters, suitable for a dog kennel, there are three: First, the relatively small size of the dog, the second is less dog hair, is the age of three small dogs. If the relatively large size dog, winter pad recommended child, one does not like big dogs in a kennel, and second sub-pad is also very easy to wash. Sub-pad can be spread on the kennel yard, or shop in the master bed. Dog just had a new nest, you always like to bite the nest, it is actually familiar with the nest, but not careful, there may be it bite. Therefore, we should put a toy in the new nest, so that dog will not bite. In addition, there is a little trick can also reduce the frequency of cleaning dog kennel, shop in a kennel block is thick towels, dirty words, change towels on the line. Size than the dog like a little freshman How to select kennel is also very important. Some dog owners think that the smaller the litter the more warm, in fact, it makes the dog uncomfortable. Buy, the best to go with a dog, so dog straight body, Waterloo just than the dog's body the most appropriate little freshman. These things can also help you in winter Bamboo fiber towel: buy a few to the dogs in winter bamboo fiber towels, strong water absorption ability allows dogs to be the maximum dry bath, and then use the heater blowing, the dog is very comfortable. Pet package: a portable pet package, there are backpack-style, with side openings, but also above the openings. From the style point of view, the basic models in summer and winter models is no different, but the color and fabric, or differentiated, tend to bright summer colors, fabrics are thin some of the winter to calm some of the colors, fabrics are thick some. Buy a pet pack, in winter with a dog out to be much more convenient. Pet diapers: Some dogs have not learned the toilet, but who do not want to pick up a large dog winter "anywhere toilet", then you are a special needs dog diapers. Bring it to ready-made dog to worry about "surprise." Pet urinal pad of paper: how worried dog urine in the nest do? Covered in the nest as long as the pet of paper changing mat on the line, dirty, like a top removed. Feeding time machine: the winter cold, the dog must add more energy, but you worry about careless, will not remember the time of feeding to the dogs? Regular feeding time machine to help to you. You just feed the machine to set the interval time is up, the machine will open the job, let the dog meal. Pet winter: like people, pets also have winter clothes, go out, do not forget to give your dog pants, gloves, socks to wear clothes. Now these products can be enriched, not only warm, very stylish. Daren Tips: Winter dogs but also pay attention to? In winter, dog hair easy to dry, so use some of the bath liquid with high moisture. To add some extra food high protein food, such as chicken and pork. In the warmth, and do not need to add another blanket in the kennel, blankets and the like, because the dog afraid of the heat, so hot it might get sick.