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Street of pet dog cruel cadaver 3 branches without giving thought to
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According to acaleph net dispatch will die for processing on October 9 dog, alarmed unexpectedly 3 branches, regretful is the body that these 3 branches did not handle dead dog, allow to become the scar on the driveway by its. Happen in this bagatelle yesterday, quite afford for thought.

Yesterday early morning 7 when, "I come to civilian sound listen " the hot line receives reader incoming message, say to be in the urban district boreal driveway station is public transportation near the site, have gone the pet dog of much day, already cankered, sending out effluvial, attack by surprise of all without exception of associate with passerby is nose.

7 when 20 minutes, the reporter drives boreal driveway to the station east the public transportation site of side, it is in the center of the road close be next to greenbelt, have not throw use traffic light to fall, see this gone pet dog. Pedestrian crosswalk is around. Because early morning wind is bigger, mawkish moldy flavour waves everywhere medicinal powder, the citizen that waits for a car opposite the road repeatedly also in succession attack by surprise is nose.

Pet dog is gone the time that has 56 days probably, a citizen of transient spot says. Poplar surname citizen says, odour is less still in the begining, time grew, the stink is bigger and bigger. Because kill,be afraid of dead dog, before everybody dare not go up, start work.

When the reporter is interviewed, an environmental sanitation worker is cleaning sanitation, speak of dead dog, environmental sanitation industry expresses to had had some of time, but unmanned all the time clear.

The dead dog on the driveway should by which the unit is in charge of clearing? Yesterday afternoon 2 when make, reporter with a common citizenship, dialed bureau of canal of city of Zhi Fu area respectively 6283000, sanitation and antiepideic station of Zhi Fu district 6222616, environmental sanitation of Zhi Fu area handles 3 6687106 telephone calls, the result all is informed they no matter this matter. City of Zhi Fu area provides answer of 66 staff members, dead dog belongs to rubbish, this thing should inform Zhi Fu of the area to environmental sanitation is in. After receiving reporter telephone call, staff member of sanitation and antiepideic station of Zhi Fu district says to encounter this kind of situation for the first time. This staff member is after leader of ask for instructions, let a reporter look for love to defend meeting and report of city canal bureau.

The answer that environmental sanitation of Zhi Fu area is in makes a person a little gratified however. When the reporter afternoon 3 when make when dialing the telephone environmental sanitation of Zhi Fu area to be in, before female staff member expresses to will send a person, surname of a the Song Dynasty is examined. Afternoon 5 when make 20 minutes, the staff member that environmental sanitation sentences hurries to the spot, the body of checkmate dog clears, qing Dynasty besides this ugly " scenery " .
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