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Pet dog bites a person insurance company compensate pays
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Will begin to take dog of your home dog to go at once tomorrow yearly check, the yearly check is over to be able to deal with danger of the 3rd responsibility

If dog of master and indulgent dog goes,injure a person not only insurance company does not compensate for dog dog host to carry punishment duty possibly still

The dog bites a person by claim for compensation, the person that raises a dog can obtain the insurance contract in beginning, to insurance company application compensate pays.

Yesterday, zhengzhou city raises a dog to do vice director Wang Ping to disclose to media, raise a dog to do at signing a contract with Pacific Ocean insurance company now morning, already handled card for whole town and deal with danger of responsibility of the 3rd harm only through the dog of the yearly check, in the dog advocate the dog is caused to hurt person incident only below the circumstance such as derelict view ill will, dog advocate can obtain highest 10 thousand yuan compensate pays.

■ business signs up for reporter Shao Zhengang

Bright rise on December 10, the dog dog that handled card last year goes quickly yearly check

Came on October 1, 2007 on December 31, zhengzhou shares 17108 dogs dog to handle card, went 1 year, these dog dogs will accept a yearly check according to the regulation.

Yesterday, zhengzhou city raises a dog to do released " the city raises a dog to center yearly check job to implement plan " , according to arrangement, will come on October 10 on December 10, zhengzhou city gives the 17108 dogs dog to already handling card last year yearly check, the person that raises a dog can come at 9 o'clock in every sky midday at 12 o'clock, came to was headed for at 5 o'clock at 2 o'clock afternoon appoint a place to be dog dog yearly check (specific place and connection means see subordinate list) .

The specific content of the yearly check is very simple, be in namely pay after 200 yuan of administration fee, check-up hospital will give dog dog inject wild dog vaccine, change chip date, adapt the card that raise a dog. Raise a dog to do to still extend provisions dog person freely catenary of a special dog, deal with danger of the 3rd responsibility only to pass the dog of the yearly check.

“ this is Zhengzhou city comes 9 years first large-scale have a yearly check only in the light of the dog. ”Zhengzhou city raises a dog to do vice director Wang Ping to say, the person that raise a dog should pay close attention to this information actively, it is dog dog yearly check on time.

Begin as the yearly check, execute the law the branch is investigated violate compasses the strength that raises a dog is greater also. Raise a dog to do relevant controller to say, up to now, zhengzhou is investigated in all, accept violate compasses dog, roam about dog 1357, investigate the work follow-uply still undertaking in. Because raised canine byelaw to had carried out a year, once the person raising a dog that partial refus does not do card is investigated, the likelihood faces fine.
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