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Exports of Chinese pet supplies 30% of average annual growth of quality and sa
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Exports of Chinese pet products is 30% to an average annual rate of rapid growth. The rapid development of the pet industry, pet products also led to the parties concerned about the quality and safety. 16 held in Guangzhou, high-level forum on the pet industry, a China's first batch of pet products manufacturers and industry experts, all walks of life to pet products and product testing and certification of import and export trade had a heated topic of discussion. It is understood that since last year, although the financial turmoil sweeping the globe, but the world demand for pet products is still more than 10% average annual rate of growth while maintaining an average annual output value of China's pet supplies 20% of the growth rate, but also created More than 30% of the average annual growth rate of exports, can be predicted that the future of China is not only big consumer pet products, pet supplies the world's important production base. Europe and the United States last year to the family's spending on pet products, increased rather than decreased, the United States, for example, annual U.S. pet industry expenditure accounted for 1.34% of U.S. GDP, in 2008, total U.S. pet products market has reached 434 Billion, up 5% over 2007, which provided for the Chinese pet products industry, a strong export potential. According to statistics, China exported pet supplies one of its subsidiaries, subsidiary of the current production of pet products are mainly exported to the United States and northern Europe, the main export products include dog, cat collar, leash, clothes, toys, dog teeth Leather goods, wood or metal bird cage, bird or small animal cage plastic decorations, lizards crawling field with roots or special timber, fish tank supplies, such as shells, plants and so on. So far in the production of pet products Has reached more than 1,000 domestic enterprises, mainly in Guangdong and Zhejiang in two places, market demand and profit potential of pet products industry are driving the continued rapid development. Rapid development in the pet industry today, the face of nearly every year new class of organic and environmentally friendly pet products available, who will determine which of the pet itself, pet supplies and people around, especially children in close contact with pets Of security? From leading global testing and certification body SGS, a senior technical Zhuanjia Zeng and said, "for the European pet food products issued by the" new Siyang Ordinance "and the U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act have made the phase Relevant regulations: European and American buyers in the procurement of supplies or pet food in China is required suppliers to provide product testing proved that the implementation of these laws and regulations will herald the future of Chinese pet food products for export trends. " Based buyers pet supplies and food quality and safety requirements become increasingly stringent, visible product quality and safety compliance is to enhance the competitiveness of the essential means of access to favored buyers. SGS experts suggest that pre-export pet products Should ensure compliance with mechanical safety, reliability and the performance testing, and chemical requirements, and food contact materials and product testing and other testing requirements, the production process safety and risk assessment requirements, as well as Business ethics and social responsibility assessment requirements, reducing product recalls, to ensure the smooth international trade.