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Aid is peaceful: Appraisal of pet unskillful and faulty medical or surgical trea
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Pet produces death to wait for accident hind in hospital cure, be helpless accept or investigate duty? The reporter coulded there be in aid recently city disappear assist interview discovery, as standard of living rise increasingly, of citizen law consciousness increase, dispute of pet medical treatment complains protruding to show come, became complain content newly. Zhang Xiao division is photographed (graph article has nothing to do)
Pet is master: Pet just escapes hard in hospital courtyard to death responsibility
Ms. Liu of aid peaceful city tells a reporter, she daughter of 8 years old likes puppy very much, the little capital that so the family before 3 months gave the child to buy a white cling to dog, name full of stains or spots. Ms. Liu says the daughter is right full of stains or spots fondle admiringly, all the day very happy, full of stains or spots very lovely also brought many joy to family, full of stains or spots in their heart a member that had become domestic member.
The lady that occupy Liu introduces, when September full of stains or spots appear unusual, often have loose bowels, thing of not feel like eating, drive is very poor no longer frisky, subsequently she takes a doggie to come to hospital of a pet have treatment rapidly, the doctor opens a medicine to was defeated by fluid 3 days. "I look at a doggie to improve gradually nodded, a needle that did not think of the doctor is final beat dead it actually. " Ms. Liu says, after will be defeated by fluid in the evening on September 18, the doctor states the heart of the doggie is a bit weak, hit needle of a strong heart to it, still do not have excellent doggie later actually buccal foam died, around does not pass 10 minutes, to this she is very distressed oppugn: Well dog, how to hit stitch to die? Whether is the hospital put in medical treatment error? Complained the hospital disappear then assist.
Pet hospital: Pet has problem hospital find it hard to vindicate oneself originally
The reporter was interviewed to full of stains or spots curative pet hospital, the doggie that the chief of the hospital says to Ms. Liu is brought at that time suffers from on petty disease, it is the disease that dies very easily originally, for as far as possible cure good doggie, they open a medicine to make condole bottle to it, but the constitution of doggie itself is already exceeding frail, especially on September 18 when basically be in narcosis, so they hit an adrenalin that has strong heart effect to it, medicines and chemical reagents and dosage had injected as much to other doggies, do not have occurrence problem, did not think of this doggie to be able to die on the road, the problem that should be doggie itself causes an accident. At the same time the controller of the hospital still tells a reporter, in treating a process pet gives an accident really very make poll painful, not only pet host is sad pettish, also affect the public praise of the hospital.
Pasturage branch: Still do not have orgnaization of appraisal of pet unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment
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