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The Zhengzhou since tomorrow will deal with insurance to have card dog
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According to great river net - Henan daily report: Zhengzhou city raises a dog to do to express yesterday, they are about to sign an agreement with Pacific Ocean insurance company, for Zhengzhou city dog handling card deals with tripartite only freely to harm responsibility danger, in order to protect a dog the interest of holder. Do insurance for pet, this is saved in Henan still is first time.

Zhengzhou city raises a dog to do allot an announcement to say, zhengzhou city will have a yearly check to the card raising a dog that will handle last year to whole town on December 10 on October 10. The dog that attends this yearly check is confined to the dog that handled card 2007 only, the capture when the yearly check expends 200 yuan. Since last year October, zhengzhou city handled certificate to nearly 20 thousand dogs.

Zhengzhou city municipal government executes the law chief says related the bureau, run card dog this for protection everybody's interest, offer the dog that checks freely to attend entrance vaccine, extend freely imprint have " Zhengzhou city raises a dog to do supervise the manufacture of " the chain of model of written characters. The person that raise a dog ought to use this chain when carrying a dog to go out, with bright the legal status that shows a dog, facilitate execute the law personnel examination.

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