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Frequency of belt of 3 rivers landscape shows Wei lane urban district walk a dog
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Neat Lu Wan signs up for Wei lane 8 days of C2 edition will publish our newspaper of hot line message on October 8 " smooth even season 53 people are bitten by the dog " , the citizen is mirrorred in succession, total somebody is bringing the urban district near belt of 3 rivers landscape large dog pass in and out, when the citizen takes a walk very fear, and environmental sanitation worker special also to this make a heart.
8 days morning, be in new Hua Lu reachs piece of face river beauty spot culture a section of a highway, the reporter discovers to there are many dog dungs in footpath and the brushwood around. Ms. Zhang says the citizen, she often arrives piece of face take a walk near the river, a few citizens make the large dog that oneself raises random run, once big dog of a white returns abrupt go at she, such too dangerous.
Subsequently, the reporter is driven toward white billow river again. Around the door that understand benefit, 3 dogs are running back and forth in roadside, nobody are attended. A citizen that walking a dog says, the dog that oneself raise is very obedient, won't bite a person in disorder. But a citizen that passes by feels, although the dog is obedient, but also control hard sometimes, a few dogs that look very feral are planted saunter in river side, quite fearsome still. Reporter edge bank is northerly, also discover a few citizens walk a dog in the bank. And in bank earth road and brushwood, can see many dog dung.
Inside the belt of anxiety river landscape around happy path courtyard, worker of a few environmental sanitation is cleaning beauty spot. One is saying in the worker of stone of rinse road edge, often go up to be excreted in disorder in the road along with the dog that host takes a walk, mix every morning towards evening, roadside can keep dog dung or uric floodwater on low-lying land. One is saying in the environmental sanitation worker of collect fallen leaves, a little coastal dweller times directly even put the dog the bank excrete, host cannot be found however near a few dogs that look very feral, she also dare not drive.
The staff member of branch of pasturage of Wei lane city expresses, wei lane city has not published the administrative system of pair of pet dogs, and face a citizen to raise a dog more and more circumstances, preparing to establish pet association now, have system standard to association member.

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