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Colour crucian carp, bright and beautiful carp breeds in settle of university of
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Colour crucian carp and seedling of bright and beautiful carp were planted in September 2007 university of the wood in settle tower, classics after breeding, at artificial in April 2008 progenitive promotion the technology is in in the tower in the tower of brim of wooden riverside, Taklimakan wooden university gains a success. Through 3 many lunar fry is bred, completely OK already nowadays throw on the market.


Current, colour crucian carp is in with bright and beautiful carp Xinjiang besides area of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting, other place breeds rarely. According to Dalimu university aquatic product fastens Chen Sheng to boil teacher introduction, side of bodily form of colour crucian carp is flat and long and thin, first small, eye circle of big, abdomen, kiss is blunt, the beard that do not have a mouth, remaining part is only, common characteristic and fish of common crucian carp are identical, but individual and lesser, big only also half jins are weighed, small 9 the left and right sides. Can offer edible, flavour and fish of general crucian carp are similar. However, their whole body is pure white, pure red, pure black, golden or Hei Zi, some a suit equipment of 5 kinds of all, body lubricious Xian Li, colourful, the goldfish of just like beauty, very provoking love.

Bright and beautiful carp, be a kind rare large view and admire a fish. The country that it is Japan fish, it is the vivid artwork that Japanese creation comes out, be known as " stone of a bit of a clown in water " and " the king that views and admire a fish " . Constitution of bright and beautiful carp strong and handsome, colour gorgeous, decorative pattern is changeful.

Put in a suitable place to breed in the lab the partial fish in aquatic animals crock (left 1, 3, the 5 crucian carp that it is colour, 2, 4 for bright and beautiful carp) . University of the wood in the tower adds local fish species for effective ground, introduce the success that colour crucian carp and seedling of bright and beautiful carp are planted and gains artificial breed, indicate development of reclamation area fishery strode an Alaer solid one condition, can carry out breed breed aquatics effectively, stimulative person and nature are harmonious.

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