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Gang of 7 people crime grabs a garden of canine breed aquatics only
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One grabs the 7 people gang of a garden of canine breed aquatics only, robbed 23 Tibet mastiff and 18 loose lion in the time inside a month. The reporter learned from the court that tell a state yesterday, 7 members by the set term of imprisonment that differs to 14 years with robbing a blame to sentence 4 years, among them prime culprit Ma Yuwu obtains punishment 14 years.

Last year on August 15 before dawn, the garden of a mastiff that the person such as Ma Yuwu is opening two cars to visit new market town of Chang Li county, disaster walks along an outfit Tibetan mastiff to take a car mothball compartment is taken away. Hind classics appraisal, RMB of this value Tibetan mastiff 120 thousand yuan. In those days evening is much at 11 o'clock on September 9, another farm Tibetan mastiff that this gang should be pressed down again, played the host of the farm, bind rise on the mouth. Subsequently, they drive the car into the courtyard, take away 10 Tibet mastiff swaggeringly, total value RMB 63 thousand yuan.

After this, this group of person uses same way loot again the base of loose lion breed that connects state division the operatic circle to press down some village, disaster takes loose lion dog 18; The garden of a mastiff of suburban district of town of Heibei prosperous goosefoot also is reaved 12 to hide mastiff.

Forensic cognizance thinks, the person such as Ma Yuwu, Pan Lichao is a purpose with detinue, use force method robs on the spot take other property, the behavior of 7 people already was formed rob a blame. (Reporter Wang Qiu is solid)

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