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Additional hot metropolis of kind of pet market hasten " the person that raise s
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150 yuan " Gong Mei rares " poisonous spider, 50 yuan a pair big scorpion, 850 yuan of emerald lizard... " additional kind of pet " the welcome that is made much youth nowadays. The reporter understands, active in pet market or the city in network shop " the person that raise spider " or " the person that raise scorpion " income does not poor, some months are entered on 10 thousand.
Pet " high yield " cost not tall

No matter the hypostatic shop of pet market still is the sale on the net, management spider, scorpion and lizard, centipede additional kind of shop of pet is increasing; They have shipment everyday, what the choose and buy comes before is a youth more.

A merchant tells market of government-owned garden pet the reporter, oneself want to do the business that raises a spider to take poison originally, discovery is additional later kind of pet market benefit is better, turned so direction. He says, additional the profit of kind of pet shop is very high, be in about 90% the left and right sides. Cost is low, investment is not large, additional kind of storefront that pet shop needs 20 square metre to control only is enough. With more welcome pet spider " Gong Mei rares " citing, what avirulent spider tastes be on intimate terms is OK sell 150 yuan of above. And a spider can breed one year 200 reach 300; The feed such as bug of fly, biscuit is very cheap also. "If the business has been done, the month is controlled into 10 thousand yuan can be accomplished. The month is controlled into 10 thousand yuan can be accomplished..

The home has " evil bestow favor on " psychological solution is pressed

"Fresh stimulation " , it is the main reason that contemporary youth chooses spider, scorpion to do pet. Psychologist Liu Tie Gang tells a reporter, the person can get when raising pet " self-worth feels " contented, those who choose to representing dangerous sex is additional kind of pet, going up somehow reflection gives feeder to try conquer, dictate is dangerous, get with stronger stimulation psychology satisfies the requirement of feeling. In addition, choose this kind " evil bestow favor on " also can rise to treat the effect to what abreact and release psychological pressure.

But a zoologist also expresses, to additional kind pet market must father add government, avoid country of illegal pedlar sale to protect an animal, dangerous even inbreak species, cause an environment to destroy.

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