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The administration fee that raise a dog is special crowd collection halve
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Begin from October 6, 18 dogs of Kunming urban district and outskirt county immunity registers dot handling card to begin formal work, undertake for raised dog registration book is mixed only extend card of canine card dog. The reporter understands, to the dog that the disabled and old person of orphans and widows raise, administration fee halve collection.

The reporter does card dot this to see in what strange stone bestows favor on thing town, the likelihood is workaday reason, the dog dog that comes round to be oneself deals with the citizen that register is not very much. The policeman of substation of Pan Long public security tells a reporter, according to the relevant provision of Kunming city, the dog that the disabled and old person of orphans and widows raise is being dealt with only when registering, can halve collection among them administration fee. Current, pan Long area had been dealt with only for many 80 dog register, and having only among them is the feeder that accords with halve collection.

The citizen that comes round to seek advice now is more, policeman estimation does card name a person for a particular job to greet conduction height each to on the weekend. The reporter understands at the same time, every dog a year of 240 yuan administration fee standard, had passed Yunnan province hair to change appoint with the province prices branch examine and verify is passed. And this money of collection, will one part throws Kunming city take sb in to roam about place of the dog accepting check, a suballotment arrives the branch such as city canal, wholesome, agriculture and basic level police station, had done roam about of the dog accept, epidemic prevention works.

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