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Chinas pet business network the field of pet products to create a super B2B pla
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With the rapid development of e-commerce, B2B e-business model has gradually penetrated into all areas of our lives, as every sale of a business can not be ignored, promotion, publicity, commercial supply and demand information release Service platform, B2B business platform for SMEs Web site more thousands of family brought great opportunities and benefits. Recently, the domestic pet industry's leading B2B e-commerce website, "China's pet business network" (Http://china.petsoo.com) caused all the media attention, as well as major manufacturers of popular pet products, many of the pet products manufacturer called it "the door to wealth." It is understood that China's pet business network is the most professional pet industry, B2B (business to business) e-commerce sites, but also the western region to focus on the pet industry's first commercial platform. China's business network for pet pet Material food, pet toys, pet clothes, pet bag and shoe boxes and other pets related industries provide a global trading market, to create the largest online marketing pet industry showcase, the product trading center, purchase of raw materials and products Distribution hub for the pet industry, enterprises and businessmen to provide Internet-based branding, corporate marketing, trade matching, product sales, online trading, recruitment, providing knowledge, solutions and other services Services, so that domestic enterprises and convenient pet supplies for network collaboration, procurement, sales, recruitment, business negotiations and other business activities. China's pet business network official told reporters in recent years, rapid economic development of the pet. On the one hand, due to fierce social competition, resulting in increased pressure on people, pets, as many young people recuperate Troubleshooting An important channel for the pressure; the other hand, as living standards improve, some wealthy to name pets as a status symbol, to stimulate the pet continues to heat up hot. At present, only the dog has reached 100 million , The potential market value of pet related industries up to 150 billion yuan. With increasing heating times pet, pets can be described as a bright economic outlook. That is why, more and more enterprises begin to get involved in pet supplies, food, garment processing, production and sales. Overseas, the pet industry is already quite mature, and related B2B sites, B2C sites, a Bodies are a lot of stores, but just starting in our country. Pet supplies business also requires a professional marketing, sales, promotion platform, pet business network in China is only the flow, one step ahead of it. At present, China Business Network has 2,500 pet pet industry manufacturers and over 10,000 more than the industry agents, wholesalers, distributors, foreign trade companies, buyers representative, independent pet stores and aquarium shops registered members . Manufacturer product information and display of information released by the supply of over 20,000 articles. Mr. Yi is a free dog pet costumes, Chengdu plant manager, he told reporters that he is a dog person, the light kept himself a good few Labrador dogs, pet products industry, the prospect feels good to invest in building Establish a pet clothing manufacturing plant. All that can be produced by the sale go, never thought, after all, pet products industry is an emerging industry, think about open market is not easy. With people running their own two May also only sold a few thousand pieces of goods, was worried bad, all production stopped. I was to be introduced in the "pet business network in China" (http://china.petsoo.com) on the sale, try holding the mentality, in On the website of several B2B product information. Unexpectedly, more than a dozen companies have less than a week to contact me, less than a month I sold over 20,000 pieces of clothing, now we have more than 50 companies and established long-term cooperation For the relationship between the production at full horsepower. Analysis of the industry: the future development of B2B business platform will feature more prominent industry, "China's pet business network" will undoubtedly stand the cusp of emerging industries, as pet supplies in the area of Ali Baba, "in National Pet business network "need is time.