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The first will be held on Friday in Dongguan Pet & Aqua Expo
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Members of the public attention like the Tibetan mastiff, and this Friday (19th) will be able to feast their eyes. First Pet & Aqua Expo Dongguan in Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center will display a value of 3 million yuan of the Tibetan mastiff and the world more than 300 dog-breeding only. It is reported that the Expo by the Pet Industry Association of Dongguan City, will be 19 to 22 November in Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Centre, exhibition area will reach 5,000 square meters, exhibitors from China and Hong Kong's pet supplies provider. The exhibition is "the harmonious development between man and nature" as its theme, through expert forums, on-site consultation, pet and aquarium supplies exhibition, the International dog-breeding competition (AKC competition system) and activities related topics in the form of communicating science to the community safety of pet care knowledge, Pets culture, enhance public understanding of the meaning of love of animals. To promote harmony between man and animal, and let those who love pets have the opportunity to meet and exchange views and provide the public with the latest pet products and information. It is understood that the scene will show the industry will be held in Dongguan Koi Koi famous auction, dog the Games, people working dog training purebred dogs Competition and Competition in China. Among them, the international dog-breeding competition (AKC competition system) of the panel of judges from the Asia Pacific region composed of experienced international referees. By then, the public can not only witnessed the value of 300 million Tibetan mastiff, but also watch the rest of the world's only dog-breeding, etc. 300.