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Hospital of pet of sudden huge profits of try to gain of price of drug of drive
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As the number increase of Lanzhou city foster pet, pet hospital is increasing also. As we have learned, the our city has greatly small pet hospital to make an appointment with many 100 at present, but obtain normal aptitude and accord with pet hospital standard be less than 50 however. Additional, the rate that sees a doctor for pet to these pet hospitals also on any account is different, the reporter arrives through surveying knowledge, pet hospital is mixed as a result of devoid market control superintend, obtain sudden huge profits has become an industry to go regular.

   Common cold costs pet the least 449

The person fell ill to need to see a doctor, pet got disease, also want to go to a hospital. Citizen week lady raised dog of a Xi Shi, abrupt hair has vomitive appearance before a month and have loose bowels, ms. Zhou sends a pet around the hospital the doggie hastily. The doctor undertook diagnostic to the doggie, be by diagnose enteritis, must infusion cure. After the result was defeated by a week liquid, doggie heal, but a week spent Ms. Zhou 500 multivariate. Ms. Zhou tells a reporter, although feel to be spent a bit morer, but to her the doggie can survive come down special rejoiced. The reporter sees the prescription that treats for the doggie of Ms. Zhou, discover the medicines and chemical reagents above uses English and medical the name or description of a commodity, average person looks not to understand at all. Ms. Zhou says, she still has calculated, the doggie of her neighbour sufferred from disease to cost last year thousands of yuan, but final doggie still died. Subsequently the reporter undertook interviewing to the shop of a few pet of the our city, once have a cold,be informed a doggie, cure least need 400, 500 yuan.

   Price of drug of drive up of ailment great order

Mr Wang that hospital of pet of Home Ceng Zaiyi works tells a reporter, pet hospital sees a doctor to existing actually the phenomenon that ill will rises in price, because raise the person of pet at present,be the person with economic higher income, the beloved pet for oneself be willing to part with or use spends money, so pet hospital is certain this psychology, often price of drug of ailment great order, drive up, achieve the goal of obtain sudden huge profits thereby. The trade that this kind of practice has made pet hospital goes regular. Mr Wang says, to achieve the goal that seek profit, these pet hospitals rise jointly, hold the price of medicines and chemical reagents jointly, when and be in be being treated for pet, use drug name and English name, underground drug name and medical price, achieve the goal that cheats customer. Because once made public medical name to be equal to,made public medical price, they did not have money to earn.

   Raise chaos of medical treatment charge to collect fees

Mr Wang says, of pet hospital collect fees basically have a few sides, things of outpatient service cost, medical expenses, pet is expended, still have the rake-off cost of service industry of a few other and relevant pet. General and traumatic processing 50 go to 100 yuan, vein injects every time 10 yuan. These far outclass treat the patient's cost. Additional, on medicines and chemical reagents, use the method of drive up price, say with common antibiosis always, its price namely a few yuan of money, but eat to pet, can go up a few yuan. Additional, giving pet to give or take an injection also have profit very much, pet wants a few yuan with injection price, want about a hundred yuan well; Eliminate at ordinary times small calamity of a few ailment, pet makes vaccine regularly even, general 5 years period every needle wants vaccine 669 yuan, profit space is not little also. A lot of medicine resemble penicillin, dextrose and that's all right is special, but enter pet hospital, that but costly, break up less 3 times two, much do not have chart.
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