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"Jiangsu ocean " recruit " view and admire a fish part-time class "
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Will groom July breed door, will build export company August, the bottom will built dozen of bag workshop in August, 9月份大批量出口……位于“全球生态环境500佳”的江苏省姜堰市沈高镇河横村的江苏大洋观赏鱼公司投资人李荣文工作日程排得满满的.

River horizontal stroke views and admire piscine project to cover an area of a face to accumulate 300 mus, always invest 30 million yuan, register fund 10 million yuan. At present investment amounts to the company 16 million yuan, build an area many mus 200, already put 50 many breed, 100 many norms, 10 million end on fry, among them, include pearl, Hei Long, La Shou, butterfly end to wait for nearly 10 high-grade view and admire piscine breed. So far, jiangsu ocean views and admire piscine company to become the 2nd grand sight of countrywide that is next to Guangdong Fosan to admire base of piscine breed aquatics.

Ocean company is passed build " company base farmer " order pattern organizes production, to breed door unified offer technology, service, fry, all bout controls sale adult fish. Breed a 2~3 of every mus of investment 10 thousand yuan, every mus year of net income 20 thousand yuan of above.

The peasant household that wants to be engaged in viewing and admire piscine breed aquatics in the light of periphery does not have relevant experience, independence breed aquatics has bigger risk, before before long, 12 pairs of couples chose to go to a company in the farmer that ocean company is engaged in viewing and admire piscine breed aquatics of purpose base " part-time " , work at the same time, learn at the same time. The company provides the simple and easy housing with all ready facilities of a living every for them, every are in charge of 100 or so aquaria, the expert that provides technically in the company coachs next study view and admire piscine breed aquatics, the company grants pay according to social salary standard.

"Because view and admire posture of piscine breed aquatics to be in through inspecting discovery with all possible means,investing this one project is rise period, belong to sunny industry. " do strong business greatly to do, drive more farmer breed aquatics becomes rich, li Rongwen still plans to invest 10 million yuan, construction covers an area of 5~10 mu base of tropical fish breed aquatics, expand " part-time " recruit a plan.

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