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New rule publishs canine city dispirited Kunming views and admire a dog 10 thous
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As raise a dog new politics begin to carry out, be in originally drop the canine city of the passageway is faced with concussion again. "Every dog year collect fees 240 yuan " and " Kunming city is banned raise 33 kinds of dogs " wait for a regulation to let dog city Xue Shangtian frost. Business door represents the business more and more cold and cheerless, dog price also falls into

View and admire a dog to depreciate most

Walk into Chun Yuan to spend bird pet world, almost 3 is stick into kennel gave shop front to make over, a few run old business door the calm admits, a few dogs that ever fried 10 thousand yuan can clinch a deal 100 yuan now. Raise what Alaska dog reachs Ha Shiji dog to wear the boss says: "Young dog can sell the Alaska with the better quality when 2006 6000 yuan of ∽ 8000 yuan, grown dog can sell 10 thousand yuan of ∽ 20 thousand yuan, never mention it now make a price, the person that buys a dog repeatedly is done not have. " sheet raises 4 dogs now, feed every months feed charge to be about to pay back 1000 yuan. Those who specialize in dog of Sa Ma Ye plum the boss also expresses, after 10 thousand multivariate blooded and high grade young dropped to 8000 yuan 2007 2006, also can sell with 2500 yuan price only now. View and admire dog price especially impact is the biggest.

Impact of spirited dog price is not big

Card does to nod in Chun Yuan, mr Wang that is preparing sheperd dog of spirited dog Belgium to handle card expresses, because dog town is small,confuse, he clinched a deal with 1000 yuan price only.

Although 33 kinds put forward to ban the provision that raises a dog in new rule, but the business that the market runs spirited dog door have a view additionally to trend of spirited dog sale. Raising ban raise a dog to plant -- of German sheperd dog plum the boss expresses, since although from June Kunming city begins demonstration,raising dog byelaw, did not sell had given a young dog, but the meeting after because the dog such as dog of German sheperd dog, Luoteweier, Du Bin is planted,training originally is used at special purpose, belong to working dog, can hospital nurse house has the utility such as poison of bodyguard, explosion proof, arrest and the course trains artificially, accordingly its keep a cost capability is stronger, consumptive brunt also is not an individual, because this dog price is returned,did not drop.

Sell the yellow boss of black back of Luoteweier, Germany to also think, although near future sale got be affected certainly really, but those character have value of blooded and safeguard, excellent spirited dog even if to slide to also won't have too big difference somewhat.

The small town that confuse a dog is waited for shuffle

In interviewing, most dog business thinks, of new rule publish the superior of low quality that is helpful for canine city discard and shuffle. "Since from 2006 Beijing consolidates the market that raise a dog, the excessive hype of the pass away the sham as the genuine that crosses the black market with old canine progenitive dimensions, non-standard son originally and partial dog business lets dog city appear not to stabilize an element for a time, make dog price drops continuously. But come on stage as new rule, believe those specs that do not have foreword and shoddy dog chamber of commerce are washed out gradually. Hope government raises dog act in the standard while, normative also blackmarket. " raise dog of Sa Ma Ye plum after the boss forecasts 3 years, dog city will receive a new student. (reporter piece fragrant)
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