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Renown dog is caused to bestow favor on prices to be worth bemused price to lack
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Twice complement investigates dispatch of our newspaper Jinan, lengthen careful to be restricted, together " renown dog " by the simple case of pilfer, the careful that experienced 8 many months unexpectedly period. How many money is this renown dog worth after all? Accuser weighs 100 thousand yuan to somebody bids he does not have be willing to part with or use to move, the accused thinks to be worth 2000 yuan at most, city price bureau the first time its value is appraisal 74 thousand yuan, maintain its value finally to be 21 thousand yuan. People is vexed to the real value of dog of experience case name, maintain the be puzzled that makes a judicial department to the value of pet dog.

Li Ping is in Jinan city some pet trades the market opened store of a pet. October 2006 a day of the portion in the morning, li Ping goes to work transient the business adjoining door when Chi Mou's shop, the golden wool that discovers Chi Mou feed searchs a dog " naughty naughty " bending over to go up in windowsill. Li Ping often plays in Chi Mou inn, and " clean out naughty " very ripe, know its value does not poor, deserve to plant only be about 2000 yuan. See nobody 4 times, li Ping lays wicked idea suddenly, take advantage of an opportunity " naughty naughty " held in the arms come out, plunge to find in inn " naughty naughty " appropriative dog rope pulls it secretly returned him home. "Clean out naughty " it is the renown dog that Chi Mou holds kin in the palm to be bought from the United States, blood relationship, taste photograph all beautiful, say according to Chi Mou ever somebody bids 100 thousand yuan he does not have be willing to part with or use to move. Discovery loves a dog by pilfer hind, chi Mou feels distressed unceasingly, divide outside calling the police, still everywhere paste advertisement offer a reward seeks clue 20 thousand yuan. A day of March 2007, chi Mou find an excuse finds Home Li Ping in, just took a door, provide intelligence quite " naughty naughty " from inside rushed in house.

After the case is uncovered, bureau of price of city of application of door of the Ministry of Public Security is right " naughty naughty " had value identification. Basis of city price bureau market level, blood relationship, taste equal element appraisal " naughty naughty " value 74 thousand yuan. On the court, li Ping and paraclete think " naughty naughty " be worth 2000 yuan at most, application requirement is new appraisal. However, as a result of " naughty naughty " " parents " all be in ocean the other shore, obtain formal blood relationship to proved to become the job that finishs impossibly basically. Shandong saves prices bureau to reject to make new appraisal.

For this, crossover area procuratorate is investigated twice with complement early or late for cognizance of application court delay. Court of first instance Shandong also applies for in order to obtain evidence to save tall courtyard approval to lengthen careful to be restricted for difficulty a month. When the 2nd times complement is investigated, attentive inquisitor discovers " naughty naughty " walk the pose has a problem. Discover through the examination " naughty naughty " suffer from " shift of left hipbone section " , it is to grow development blemish. City price bureau is maintained afresh at this point " naughty naughty " value is 21 thousand yuan.
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