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Dog of unit guard the entrance also should attend to groom technically
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The unit should raise a dog, must let first dog is mixed only raise personnel to attend to groom technically, obtain groom the ability after certificate of approval is qualified declare the matters concerned that raise a dog to police. The reporter learns from Nanjing city public security bureau, begin from today, the unit raises a dog to must be dealt with groom reach declare formalities, classics approval is rear can raise a dog.

It is reported, according to " Nanjing city raises a dog regulation " eleventh regulation " the unit inside management priority area applies for to raise a dog to ought to have following requirement: Use at the nurse of site of key storage, construction, financial room; Person specially assigned for a task is in charge of managing, administrator ought to groom through major, the dog ought to pass training only; Canine basket, dog is abandoned, the circle such as enclosure is raised establishment and close condition; Obtain lawful and effective dog immune proof. " accordingly, before register, the dog that the unit raises and the dog manages simply staff must play specialized training and groom.

Current, group of special organization expert made Nanjing city public security bureau raise a dog to groom the qualificatory condition of the orgnaization, application of classics proper motion, on-the-spot look carefully at and choose publicly wait for a program, decided 3 furniture are engaged in raising the orgnaization that the dog grooms fully. They are to be located in rain to spend street Andemen respectively 130 " the Ministry of Public Security (Nanjing) police dog institute " , be located in dwell glow of grass of fruit of street Xi Gang " Nanjing Xi Gang line of business of An Desheng dog limited company " , and be located in farm of temple of Buddha of stone of riverside mouth area " line of business of Nanjing city Jin Dun dog grooms center " .

All units that raise a dog can choose 1 by oneself from which, send a dog to manage simply personnel carries a dog to groom to place choosing only the orgnaization accepts not less than a week groom with training. In the meantime, in obtain qualification effective training and groom inside a week after the proof, the unit that raise a dog applies for to deal with to detachment of public security of Nanjing city public security bureau raise a dog to register formalities, also can apply for to police station of seat public security, after formalities is complete, public security mechanism will give inside formulary time register.

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