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Man brandish steel bar beats dead doggie
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The Chengdu City jumps pedal Henan road 9 dwellers village, have dog of earth of a guard the entrance small black. This doggie is defended everyday before the garage, make village bicycle is reduced greatly by pilfer incident, small black also love accordingly by the dweller. "The dog cries toward me, offend me irritated. " last noon, fasten what go up in the tree is small black unexpectedly by village dweller Li Jiang (alias) smoke dead with steel bar. To this, local dweller is very indignant signed up for alarm.


   Village " door-god " suffer murderous scheme

This year the beginning of the year, two months are only big small black roam about everywhere, hind by take sb in of good intention of fine of element of horse of keep goal uncle. From now on, small black the faithful guard that makes 9 villages gate and bicycle warehouse. Arrive all the time from day break everyday the day is black, small black or stand or lie the ground stands fast beside the garage.

Looking at the doghole of empty sky, master Ma Suliang is tearful memory: "Attentively wishs constant  imposes Yao Qi strain crane Yong Jian tip of zinc of bad ┯ of R of disease of ∥ of ostrich of department of  of  of boundless and indistinct of detain of Mu Yongyao Yi is foolish grieve of humorous of white pregnant of Yun of surname of prostitute of Qi of Mang of small B of Qu of Dong of Qian of  of  of Guo of grieve of  of graceful silk beat! K Cong suddenly "  of a surname of ⒖ of annulus of locust of food of acenaphthene of suck of  of  of  of Guo Shu of  of Pan of  of Xian of  of show off bifurcation makes fun of  Mang Qi Jiahui Ba of banter of ┰ of benzene   is rare

According to witness memory, made 11:40 midday, deplorable dog comes out to cry suddenly inside the village. "Let you cry to me, I beat dead you. " this village dweller, 40 come year old the stone of roadside of Li Jiang pick up, throw toward small Hei Meng. What be gotten on in the tree by fasten is small black can avoid at the same time only, cry madly at the same time. Li Jiang sees stone was not bungled in, embrace a government of an empty flowerpot from beautiful stage edge small black be bungled. But flowerpot was not bungled as before in. In a few minutes, li Jiang is taking a steel bar to return a village unexpectedly, raise steel bar smoke suddenly, small black stopped breath finally.

   The mood is bad to beat dead the dog causes public anger

After small black body is discovered, village dweller annoyed. Health lady says, small black she is collected, there is a dog at that time, small black gave entrance guard. Ms. Li says village resident, see Li Jiang washs the hand that is stained with blood in cistern edge at that time, ask he gave what job. Who knows Li Shui: Target  of boundless and indistinct of that linden delay bends over lazy excuse me of Qiong of  of castrate of spay of Hai of enzymatic naevus of rapid of  of officer of medicine of clothing of Li of phenolic breed of closely question grave! Barium of  of  of ∏ of  of oxime of exhaust of Jing of collapse polonium gram as big tripod?10 of the Υ that use insane. Police station policeman arrives after undertaking investigating, the dog master belt is made to police station note. But Li Jiang did not appear again all the time, the reporter also fails to find him Li Jiang. Afternoon at 2 o'clock, decision of equestrian element fine looks for a good place first small black bury, "Lived after all so long, sentient still. Sentient still..
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