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100 polar penguin appear around equator
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Since this year July, in the form that penguin appeared in succession on the beach that a few equatorial cities approach Brazil, as a result of incommensurate climate, the great majority in them is very frail. Organization of Brazilian environmental protection undertook rescue and protection to them instantly, remand them group by group antarctic.

Nearly 300 penguin are 1 day Brazil urban El Salvador " take " plane, head for the beach of southeast ministry, then answers them to be in by ocean current the home town of Antarctica.

The reason view that the expert appears around equator to penguin is differ, the expert thinks the mankind is excessive fish, your penguin must swim to the maritime space with farther off shore to forage, final not enemy powerful current is taken intertropical; Also the expert thinks global air temperature rises influence current, more storm make marine storm greatens to develop them further.

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