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Chengdu loves to bestow favor on gens to build
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Double Peng drifting a county presses down Chengdu countryside of mandarin orange catalpa, far can hear the yip voice that comes out from the farmhouse with one obscure part. Because here adopted more than 1000 disable because of the earthquake, wandering feline dog, became " the home of love " puppy minister center.

"The home of love " it is a blame that founds together by Ms. Chen Yunlian of many years old 60 and Ms. Wang Xiaohong seeks profits organization of sexual folk love, come 10 years, they the force with oneself is silent deliverance roams about thousands of times, disable feline dog. Roam about till what there is disaster area of more than 200 earthquakes again this year, disable feline dog is adopted here, "The home of love " just got belated pays close attention to.

After earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River happens, "The home of love " organized the group that rescue quickly, early or late deep boreal plain, Qing Chuan, the heavy disaster area such as Jiang Yan, Peng Zhou, in time of a many month, the feline dog that in all 150 lose home only more is brought back minister center, there were many feline dogs that because calamity is temporary,cannot attend to be sent here by host again later. "Aftershock " , " antecedents " , " green oil " , " 4.7 " was full of characteristic dog name to record course of this paragraph of deliverance etc.

The condition of minister center is palletter, have 8 workers only at the beginning, but each feline dog that is saved to come back got be taken care of best here. Nowadays, although many dogs fall,issued deformity all one's life, but body state and mental state return to normal basically. To them, still can pull " wheelchair " continueing to give birth to subsist itself already was the very lucky in misfortune.

Produce time of nearly 5 of present many months from the earthquake, their story by more and more person place witting. "The home of love " justice industry group also recruits more than 100 people; And still can have at any time hear the news coming good intention person is being taken " gift " visit puppy, bathe to them, accompany them " chat " .

"The home of love " chief Chen Yunlian expresses, "The home of love " divide continuously take sb in is stricken be hit by a natural adversity outside puppy, still can be as far as possible as always roam about puppy provides shelter room; Will pass minister center this platform, let more person become " love bestows favor on gens " . (photography reports Li Gang)

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