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Doggie eyeball is kicked to explode master offer a reward searchs a murderer 200
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A doggie is outside the supermarket when waiting for host, different key point is kicked suddenly by the person, eyeball dropping gives rim of the eye. The experience of the doggie lets host go out from anger, decision offer a reward 2000 search a murderer.

   Ramble supermarket 20 minutes

Cruelly kill outside doggie door by the person

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to 50 to the Ruijin road that place of citizen Mr Guo stays. Mr Guo holds wounded doggie in the arms as agreed upon come out. The Beijing that this is a white cling to dog, lie in goodwife bosom, very clever downhearted however. Red there is thickly dotted black line on different key point, can't help letting popular feeling give birth to pity.

"It cries great, this year a year old many. " Mrs Guo introduces, "At ordinary times very good, chaos of person of some doggies day calls its unlike. It is so good bub, who is knowing really next so cruel-hearted getting hand. Who is knowing really next so cruel-hearted getting hand..

Recall that one screen before rising 4 days, mr Guo says indignantly, controlled 10:20 on October 7 morning, he is being taken great next Lou Quchao city buy smoke. As usual, arrived at the door the supermarket, great waiting outside the door, mr Guo goes in ramble. "This is convention, we take it to go to a supermarket every time, want to say sound crouchs in the doorway to wait darlingly only, it does not move the ground to staying with respect to meeting place. " Mr Guo says, the ability after having him twice to buy a thing to come home half hours remembers not great bring back, return supermarket doorway to look, great stay in place to wait for him as before.

But this, mr Guo is self-condemned forget enjoin great wait for him. After 20 minutes, he buys smoke, discovery is great disappeared. "I feel to wanted to have an accident in those days. " return door mouth, see only great bend over beside ash-bin, different key point badly mutilated, packets forehead bloat purple is big. "It sees me, ache continuously to cry, attack to me. " Mr Guo looks carefully, can't help sucking cool air, great left eyeball drops gave rim of the eye, only a muscle is being connected. Hold in the arms case great, mr Guo begins to run quickly to pet hospital.

   Good dog sees old host weeps

But the murderer can be searched without mark

According to the diagnosis of pet hospital doctor, great eye injury is factitious, mr Guo says, the other side does it special firm. "Be fed up with it again namely, kick it a few times, hit a few times irrespective. But unapt also kick its eyeball come out! " a few days come, mr Guo should be taken everyday great go hanging water, semidiurnal, already cost up to now 1000 multivariate, but still cannot decide great different key point whether heal. "Perhaps meet later blindness. "Perhaps meet later blindness..

Mr Guo says, yesterday morning, his parents looks designedly great, take the door, great rush forward to act like a spoiled child, differ meeting tear flows. "It is subdued, see old host. Be tear really, the Mao Dou below eye socket is wet. " Mr Guo feels distressed the ground is looked at great.
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