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Yantai grows clarity of strokes of wrongly written or mispronounced character of
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The dog already was now the pet of a lot of families. The dog has a lot of variety, the hair color that goes up personally also is varied. Is the figure figure that had you seen the wool on dog body is lubricious resembled " Chinese character " ? The boundless universe is not had surprise not to have, there are 3 bodies to go up in long island " long " have " word " dog.

The Wang Laohan that hill island grows south long island county's oldest habit is to love to raise a dog. His home shares 8 wolfhound in not big courtyard, among them 3 all over almost black monochromatic dog is father and son two generation, largish dog is additional the father generation of two doggies. Look suddenly, they do not have the place with special what, however, different point depends on their prothorax. In dog host Wang Laohan's help falls, clarity sees the prothorax of 3 dogs growing a few Bai Mao respectively, attentive observation, bai Mao's medley appearance and Chinese character similar. The white hair appearance of big dog prothorax solemns is " wide " word, the white hair be similar in shape of two doggies prothorax " 6 " word and " interpose " word, just " stroke " very not normative just.

According to loving Introduction Wang Laohan of the dog, a few years ago, he discovers the appearance of the Bai Mao on big dog body resembles a Chinese character. Last year, this dog and a maize bitch are copulatory, was delivered of dog of Xiaogong of these two black, prothorax also has a few Bai Mao. As the doggie grown, bai Mao's appearance gradually clarity rises, just like the Chinese character of brief pen. Wang Laohan did not think of this kind of character of the dog returns meeting heredity. This year or next year he still misses a test, whether is the 3rd generation that sees a dog still met on the body " long " give a Chinese character to come.

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