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Gather together walk a dog " dogfight " the issue adds
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In long holiday, partial office worker chooses " curtilage " in the home, with companion of photograph love a dog. And because time is abundant, the frequency that walk a dog also is met grow in quantity, but once gather together,walk a dog, appear " dogfight " odds can increase considerably.

Hu Gong of dean of hospital of pet of Er of Nanjing moxa shellfish tells a reporter, since weather turn cool later, because the dog fights,bring about wounded case of illness to increase considerably, this majority is to mix gather together walk a dog about.

Mr Zhao just raised a capital cling to dog, because before streak to be warm, mr Zhao takes it to go out rarely, see weather turns cool, eat dinner everyday, mr Zhao can take it go on dike of river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty stroll circuit, after the dog that sees group for the first time, the doggie appears particularly excited. "Plus it age is small, know to fear far from, go actively incur the dog with those a lot of bigger than it build, one claw calls result the other side, dog of my wife and children aches continuously to cry. " Mr Zhao says, when before waiting for him to try to go up, be being prevented, the eyeball of the doggie has been hit.

Hu Gong says, as a result of Beijing cling to the orbit of the dog is more shallow, get after the bang, give the case that shows eyeball to fall off very easily, but should send medical service only seasonable, the successful rate of eyeball restoration is very high.

Besides, because the dog is mutual what worry causes is traumatic more also, some cut won't be apparent at that time, but after coming home, on the neck of the dog strut perhaps can appear on the leg, if can see opening of haemorrhage of a apparent red punctate, so this is probable be by congener bite be caused by, should send in time toward the hospital to handle cut, lest cause infection.

In addition, still many city witenagemot choose holiday go on a journey, to loving a dog, major person can go to their fosterage pet shop or pet hospital.

Hu Gong tells a reporter, current, the fosterage that she is in a hospital basket inside almost " repletion " . The citizen is before fosterage dog, must ensure its had had immune measure. When selecting fosterage site, choose normal inn-keeper as far as possible, pose issue to prevent occurrence accident, both sides had better sign fosterage agreement, method of the service content of fosterage, compensation should make clear enumerate to come out.

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