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Hedgehog " fall in love with " dog
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The Zhuang Cengxian in city of yellow market town of cupreous hill county came in the doghole of unripe home " crasher " -- two spinule hedgehog. Those who make a person open-eyed is, come these days, hedgehog of these two spinule gets along with 3 doggies in the nest unexpectedly harmonious, solemned " close elder brother heats up younger brother " , this rare miracle is very fast get about, bring numerously the villager comes round to watch the scene of bustle in succession.

The reporter is in ever gentleman home sees, doghole is built go up in kitchen edge, have 1 meter many tall from the ground, a bitch and two doggies are bending over to rest in the straw of doghole at the moment, and the small hedgehog of two grey black very crouching by quietly, look a as warmth child.

Ever the gentleman says, many days 20 ago, the bitch of his home was delivered of two doggies, after the doggie is born, bend over to did not come out in doghole all the time. Two days ago, he is preparing to be fed to the dog when feeding, undesigned discovery came in doghole " crasher " , he still was frightened at that time jump, look carefully later, the small hedgehog that is two grey black so.

Ever the gentleman fears hedgehog can stab a doggie quite so, can observe one day hind, his discovery small hedgehog and doggie did not produce a battle, get along very harmoniously instead. He is fed to the doggie everyday when feeding, the food that has the dog surplus eats to hedgehog.

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