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Heron catchs hare to make get down gut
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Heron catchs hare to make get down gut

According to England " daily Post " report, a few days ago, a cameraman films in Holand heron of a gray preys the photograph of hare, the hare that heron will catch is whole swallowed, this one act makes cameraman dumbfounded.

Occupy British media 30 days to report, heron basically is with fish feed, also can prey now and then other birdie and small-sized mammal. Nevertheless a few days ago England a Cang Lu preyed however the bunny of a black.

As we have learned, after this Cang Lu sees hare from inside sky at that time, instantly Fu body rushs -- the ear that it held bunny closely, the fluvial lieutenant general that throws its near its be addicted to is dead; Subsequently this Cang Lu resembles hare swallow a jujube actually euqally whole swallow eat go down.

According to filming Si Pulang of cameraman of wild vivid plant introduces, he is poor in Dutch inferior tender city films of this group of photographs. "I want to film only at that time this gray heron a group of photographs; After illuminating a few pieces, bunny of a black is gotten out suddenly in a hole in the ground, this Cang Lu ases if to be interested in it very much at that time, subsequently instantly Fu body rushs to catch bunny. Subsequently instantly Fu body rushs to catch bunny..

Likely nevertheless at that time as a result of too hungry, this is as high as 1 rice, ala to exhibit the grown gray heron that amounts to 1.95 meters only actually this bunny whole swallow eat go down. Subsequently, si Pulang hastens filmed two pieces of photographs, holding booty to fly away as a result of Cang Lu nevertheless; Si Pulang must drive chase. "I dog all the time the place that this Cang Lu reachs one place to have water, filmed whole process come down. I prey via often seeing Cang Lu before this mice is small perhaps the animal of piscine and so on; But Cang Lu preys the prey with so big hare makes me amazed indeed. But Cang Lu preys the prey with so big hare makes me amazed indeed..

It is reported, in Holand a few big cities, gray heron often gang ground flitter, it is inside city " resident " . Occasionally, the food that heron also can eat the mankind to discard or patronage zoo goes seeking food.

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