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Zhejiang one dog does not eat and drink more than months thin be weighed 60 jins
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  Ninghai a dog is called " the dog is firm "

Report from our correspondent is in the Sichuan big earthquake this year, a pig is buried to be under remains did not eat to had not drunk a many month to be done not have dead unexpectedly, be made fun of to call by the netizen " the pig is firm " . There also was a dog to be stranded to be in an ancestral temple in Ning Hai recently, did not eat to had not drunk a many month, return unexpectedly living, nevertheless weight dropped from 40 kilograms 10 come kilogram, be made fun of to call by local " the dog is firm " .

The old uncle that presses down double garden village according to living in peaceful Hai Sangzhou introduces, his home raised bark of a wolfhound 3 years ago, it brought many joy to the family. Bark eats fat fat put oneself in another's position is strongly, one has 40 kilograms of weight before the month more. Old uncle says, on August 26 towards evening, same as usual, he sees additionally a few dogs in bark and village go out played. The as usual before old uncle sleeps came out to see circuit, discover bark to did not come back to sleep. The following day, bark or did not come back. Old uncle family found a lot of place of the village, still searched to adjoining village, but bark or did not appear, the village has hearsay to say, somebody steals a dog technically to sell hotel, old uncle thinks bark also encountered misfortune.

A many month went. On October 4, have cleaner cleaning village ancestral temple healthful moment, hear 2 buildings suddenly indistinct the cry that has a dog, wen Sheng searchs, saw an a mere skeleton dog is lying to go up, weak the ground is breathing.

This dog is the bark that old uncle home lost a many month. How to bark go in the ancestral temple that runs in the village? According to the villager people memory, the motion picture was put in ancestral temple in the evening that day, bark and other dog follow together came, the film is put, area of day black room is large, the administrator also was not cared about, was in tearful lock in house. The ancestral temple of the village has 1000 much square metre about, besides major activity attends a meeting for example discharge shadow of what, very few at ordinary times somebody comes, so old uncle also did not want to arrive too here at that time look for bark. Did not think of bark stayed inside a many month, did not die unexpectedly.

Old uncle says, when he hurries to village ancestral temple the first times to see bark, frightened jump, hale before forceful bark is so thin that forceful bark admitted quickly not to come out, as a result of hunger too long, bark goes not to change a way, old uncle holds bark in the arms returned the home, time say in the home, only 10 come kilogram. After bark comes home, do not have urgent cram oneself with food, drank off a pail of 15 kilograms water however, just begin to eat next, ate a big dog to feed at a draught, abdomen was roused at that time. Everybody is afraid that bark maintains a disease, pulling it outside slowly shake from side to side. The reporter saw yesterday, through refreshment of a few days, although look,barking still is very thin, but can run can jump. Occupy old uncle additionally to introduce, bark is more comical before, cry from incorrect feminine chaos, but see a man, want to cry Jovianly a few times, everybody says bark is previously " lubricious dog " . Since was closed a many month, tearful simple minded is much, never went out to run in disorder, no matter see man or woman, also did not cry in disorder again, shaking the tail accepts everybody however look around.
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