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Roam about the dog died they weep do funeral
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That day in the morning, roam about dog beans beans died. Do not have a person to notice, in the corner that is in deserted carport then like room village village, the little life with this hair few and far between, bony color is when leave this world -- besides Ms. Cao that can come to its drop liquid medicine, bone sending duck everyday and Xue Nv person. After fabaceous beans is dead, two ladies tear falls like rain, after sending special orgnaization to be handled the body, they take out fabaceous beans to love eating duck character most, "Hold a memorial ceremony for is done obeisance to " this roam about pitifully dog. Ms. Cao says to the reporter: "Life does not have gentle and simple, do you say to be opposite? "

  Roam about the dog is registering ring of famous brand dog

Although like puppy very much all along, but the first when seeing fabaceous beans, ms. Cao still is frightened so that dare not be close to, "Bright red grain rash had on its body, sparse drops wool almost, quite fearsome. " successional several days, the person in the village saw it bypass 3 feet, it also knows it is undesirable it seems that, come out in the time time with dim colour of sky only, turn over a thing to eat in rubbish dump, walk along two paces to stop, catch oneself skin desperately, catch a, appear a clear blood mark.

Ms. Cao can'ted help eating the heart of compassion, she is strong courage, come home take out the duck character that has surplus to give it. When the doggie lowers his head to be gnawed suddenly, ms. Cao notices to there still is a dog that falls down quickly to encircle on its neck. Ms. Cao that 10 raise dog experience for years identifies the brand that the sort of dog encircles at a draught, "The dog of this kind of brand is encircled most at least wants 40 money, its master be willing to part with or use buys so costly dog group to it, how to meet again does be willing to part with or use throw away it? How to meet again does be willing to part with or use throw away it??

Since then, ms. Cao can give everyday roam about food of dog preparation dog, send technically to the side of its nest.

   Two ladies attend together

Roam about because of feed dog, stay in village of village elephantine a house together, ms. Cao that is not acquainted originally and Ms. Xue are gradually ripe subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy rises. Ms. Xue is the good intention bowel that gave a name like room village village, fabaceous beans this name, ms. Xue rises. "Fabaceous beans roams about outside everyday, infect a bacterium easily still, also be a hidden trouble to others. " Ms. Xue is nice fabaceous steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste with old towelling coverlet the veterinary station that sends near, still look for all sorts of cure dogs everywhere kind the ointment of dermatosis and drop fluid. Two people take care of a beans by turns, for " skin phlogistic disappear " ointment, ms. Cao once ran 3 pet shop.
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