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Blindness old man raises a dog 8 years to be become from example pet dog guide b
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"' into treasure ' is cough up in? " often hear this call, no matter be in the which corner of the house, "Into treasure " metropolis " bark " the ground is responded to, next rapid change arrives beside of blind week uncle. It knows week uncle wanted to go out, bend over then next bodies, special it is good to cooperate the ground to apparel cord. This moment, week uncle crosses a small bicycle, by " enter treasure " it is OK to be being pulled go into the street. "Enter treasure " it is the stain dog that week uncle raised 8 years, after the course trains, had become to guide outstandingly blind dog, the life that is week of uncle brings very big convenience.

Week uncle this year 84 years old, live in Liang Yuan 3 areas, he is in blindness of 11 years old of double eyes, ear is bad also now to made, "Enter treasure " it is the good helper in his life. Everyday, "Into treasure " comply with uncle of order guiding week goes out eat breakfast, shop, when buying food, week uncle also cannot leave it. Present " into treasure " solemning is only professional guide blind dog.

"When just was being bought, it has hand only so big, when buying it, still won't act as a guide to me. " " into treasure " just reached week uncle home when, also be only only the doggie dog with 3 two big months, but very clever. "Take it every time, when coming back, it retains a way, went the 2nd times be familiar with very much. Went the 2nd times be familiar with very much..

It is that paragraph of time, the ear of week uncle is worse and worse to make, his one individual inconvenience goes out. And discover " into treasure " after having the strong point that knows a way, week uncle undertakes fostering to it painstakingly. "At first that paragraph of time, it or meeting act as a guide, just fluctuate every time slope or fluctuation bank, pulling me quickly, can let my trip sometimes. " helpless, week uncle teachs with respect to extraordinary shift " into treasure " , some moment still are scolded scold it. And " enter treasure " also have intelligence, after seeing week uncle tumbles grouchy, it understood among them all the details gradually it seems that.

Now, even if be,fraise in the way is encountered in road, "Into treasure " can give out " tearful " cry, guide week uncle bypass next and go. More considerate is, after teaching through tone, clever " into treasure " go out to remember footpath every time, meet fluctuation slope, perhaps have the place of step, "Into treasure " can keep moment actively more, before the ability after seeing week uncle safety pass continues, go.

"It won't take me wrong place, still very respect property. The small granddaughter that still loves to follow me usually plays, but when wanting to taking me only, touch namely went up small granddaughter, it also is paid no attention to. " week uncle says, when going out every time, "Into treasure " not corrupt play, touch on other dog dog also won't provoke dispute, hurry on with his journey before continuously face.
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