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Get hurt owl enters the urban district by accident
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Dispatch of our newspaper Jilin after an owl gets hurt, hit by accident bump by accident fly into dweller village, hide when resting in the corner in it, was stared at to go up by two sausage dog.

Two doggies are surrounded

The citizen is caught get hurt curassow

On October 6 16 when make, ms. Chen that lives in village of mountain of north of area of battalion of Jilin city boat is bringing two puppies in the home Shuai Shuai He Qiqi is in a village go for a walk, see friend, ms. Chen chats with respect to the past, let him dog of two small sausage go for a walk. Not a little while, the corner that managing dweller building transmitted the cry of the doggie, ms. Chen runs over to look instantly, the result discovered an owl in building part part, ground of Duo shiver Suo looks at two to develop the doggie before oneself.

Fear the doggie hurts owl, ms. Chen is drunk instantly retreat two doggies, cry come neighbour helps. "Say a person who goes to bed late is entered curtilage, do not come without the thing, we or breakfast send it! " wear a glove, neighbour king eldest brother goes by gently, take everything into one's own hands lives owl, a place of strategic importance scored bamboo basket. Look carefully, the right leg that just discovers owl got hurt, the station is flabby. Because do not know owl likes what to eat, everybody did not feed it all the time.

This wanting that send a park

Owl takes the chance to fly on a building however

7 days of early in the morning, the reporter is inside basket of a Ms. Chen home is downstair big bamboo, saw wounded owl, right leg has plus hunger one constellation, let it can bend over to go up only. "Do not have a thing, it won't fly, hold in the arms directly come out to go! " many dwellers are saying aside. But bamboo basket just opened to seam, look the body is very weak it, got out at a draught unexpectedly, fly into the carport of the village.

See owl flies away, dweller and reporter run over to catch instantly, as a result it gets canopy of dispatch a vehicle, fly to dweller building on the window of 2 buildings. The dweller takes bamboo pole disclose, it flies into an around shabby storehouse again, when good intention citizen mounts storehouse when 2 buildings, it is struggling to fly back to the 2 buildings of dweller building again, this owl did not have physical strength, a citizen is mounted from ladder, capture it eventually, a place of strategic importance scores bamboo basket.

Breeder good intention feeds the flesh

Owl takes the chance to escape again

Changjiang Delta park raises Zhang Jia of squad squad leader to be born after seeing a bird, say: "This is ash forest 鸮 (phonic disappear) , at ordinary times everybody calls it owl, actually owl also has a lot of kinds, the forest zone that this kind of bird distributings to be saved in me, belong to the resident of this locality. " the injury feeling that examined curassow simply, zhang Jia is born to take out a beef with the breeder, preparation lets it take a place, refection. But ash forest 鸮 is unidentified however,be how to return a responsibility in vain, use a breeder to lift the opportunity of bamboo basket, flew again.
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