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7 months roam about the dog is tried knife body loses tens of place to weigh be
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Orchid reef brook produces Taiwan appropriate one case cruel cruel dog incident, 7 months roam about greatly a few is there to be in a knife wound on dog body, dogginess personage sends cure cure the doggie that be about to die, just save it from danger sopt come back. Do not cross the knife wound of the so much on doggie body, vet analysis, the likelihood is somebody takes it to try a knife, quite cruel.

According to Taiwan TVBS report, just perform an operation suture, the doggie that still lies on operating-table is a knife wound everywhere on the body, especially neck almost be a nass of bruises, pitiful doggie is afraid of so that keep quivering, dogginess personage is quite distressed, say " be those bad boys take what the knife chops certainly. "

The knife wound of 229 place is amounted to on doggie body, be about to die, urgent ability sending medical service knows the doggie already had beehive sex the organization is phlogistic, or else performs an operation to be able to cause septicemia immediately, so serious knife wound, vet thinks the likelihood is somebody is harmed in cold blood. "It is to use an acerb penknife to prick likely, thorn of again and again. Thorn of again and again..

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