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England one pet ass everyday with host in all sup
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China Daily net is round-the-world and online message: Everyday with the ass in all sup? This sounds too unimaginably queer. But to England a family, this is their common occurrence however.

According to England " daily Post " will report on October 8, england the Er in cost of · of He Jieji of the Er in · cost of Mu of the base of a fruit of a pair of couples is animal lover, a smallholding that Kangwoer moved they are 3 years ago is resident, it is to enjoy the pleasure that is together with the animal to the top of one's bent. In 5 acre (about 2 hectare) in meadow and orchard, their altogether feed 8 4 foal of a 2 3 4 dogs, cats, 2 bellwether, asses, Xiaoma, ducks, hens and a cock, it is a small-sized zoo simply it seems that. Not only such, they pursue “ portal to open policy ” to all pet.

“ of 1 year old checks ” of Huo Li of small ass “ and its new associate manage ” is the domesticity that blended in Feilier below such “ policy ” . Introduce according to in cost Mrs. Er, small ass of this both ends is special like French spin biscuit, banana, biscuit and sandwich, they everyday with host in all sup. The small ass of a street that ” of “ Huo Li is Ireland formerly, 2 years half before be adopted by couple of the Er in cost. It is at first when outside expending Li Erxian to be born, going to work by what the madam accompanies inside admit house.

Outstanding female singer is in goodwife to read newspaper to ” of “ Huo Li

In cost Mrs. Er says: “ we come here fast 3 years, have deep love for an animal all the time, and want have an ass. The ass is a kind of very affable animal, and like to be together with the mankind very much. But (before letting them enter room) we must have received all things, put fruity glass bowl especially. They like to live together with us particularly, but some do the likelihood to not be clear that some belong to what species after all. ” says her to be able to 'ted help laughing.

” of “ Huo Li and its new companionate “ checks manage ” to be in the kitchen

Outstanding Ji Hai explains: “ we won't feed hot food to them of course, but if we eat food temperature moderate, we always want deal out they a few. We were them to set a seat only beside table even before, to them one fills good alimental plate, such we can eat a meal quietly, and need not feed them. Allegedly ” of “ Huo Li and “ check ” manage ” is particularly loving at French spin biscuit, they are annual the gift that christmas receives is one big this kind of biscuit.
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