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Master by rub grab big dog start running to escape
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Morning paper dispatch yesterday towards evening 6 when, ms. Liu that lives in hill of next involving an area Home Guo is in go out when walking a dog, rob, the golden necklace on the neck is dragged by the gangster, those who make her more furious is, when experience is robbed, raised big dog sees the gangster is frightened ran, bring about a gangster relaxed and procurable.

Area spy policeman closes below 110 receive the spot arrives after calling the police, ms. Liu of 35 years old tells a people's police furiously: "The big dog that I raise live on sb while helping others secretly, do not know now run to where. I encounter because,robbing is completely it. " so, ms. Liu has eaten dinner hind in the home everyday, should take raised big curly dog to arrive doorway stroll one stroll, come down for a long time nurturance habit, yesterday towards evening, some are Mondayish after Ms. Liu has eaten dinner, do not think up the door to walk a dog, then big curly dog keeps making run in disorder in disorder in the home. Ms. Liu knows it thinks up stroll one stroll, do not have method to be forced to take it to go out, big curly dog does not make do not run instantly, darling lady giving Liu acts as a guide, run go out stroll went. Ms. Liu takes a dog to go out to did not go much further, discovery is stopping an autocycle by the side of Xiaolu, stand by a young man, had walked along autocycle not far, ms. Liu hears big curly dog suddenly to back bark furiously two, scatter a leg to run next, feel an acuteness ache then, cried on the spot, back somebody drags the golden necklace on him neck, she keeps back look later sorely, that young man that just sees reaved golden necklace, run to autocycle, drive very quickly autocycle escaped the spot. Ms. Liu is aghast, one pace also dare be not chased, was stupefied for ages to just begin to call a dog, discover the dog had disappeared. "When be being robbed at that time, my woman revolts impossibly, if big dog does not run, go chasing after bite a gangster, perhaps gangster won't procurable, although procurable desert, also can be bitten by the dog, did not think of dog courage is so small, drop my person run. " Ms. Liu says furiously.

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