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Pet dog headroom drops next death
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The Shen Wan that occupy distant signs up for a report, late yesterday 6 when make, dog of a pet is in from area of Shenyang city peace below high-rise dropping, although people thinks the way together method, but still fail to save this little life.

Mr Lu that discovers a doggie is going in street of peaceful Beijing University and north at that time 5 driveways roundabout, "If I near road surface again,2 meters are apart from, break me probably. " Mr Lu memory says, hear at that time " thud " after one noise, heard the frightening cry of the doggie, rolled on the ground after 1 meter distance, begin haematemesis of big mouth ground, the leg also keeps shaking.

Passerby crowds around ceaselessly, some dialing 110, some wanting that hang an animal to protect the phone of the station, some wanting that contact pet hospital, but the doggie struggled to still be not moved in a few minutes. "Listen fall the sound on the ground, should fall down from very tall place, otherwise cannot so big movement. " around dweller Chen Yang says.

Below the tree of roadside, doggie body of yellow is already inflexible, often have congener course, be in all round revolve, but of the dog advocate people or the love dog that taking oneself left, "Cannot see this, too miserable, feel distressed. " " weather is so cold, should won't open a window, so cannot dog lose one's footing falls down estimation. If host throws the dog, that is too cruel-hearted also, how saying is a little life. " analysis of dweller king swallow says. And the self-identity that this one view also got around restaurant ensures public security, "It is this place a few days ago, also a doggie was thrown from upstairs by host, too cruel. " " calculate an accident, the host of the dog also should value the pet of oneself, if drop from upstairs,came down to break a pedestrian, also be a safe hidden trouble. The hope carries this responsibility, carry to everybody wake. " a security personnel says.

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