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Zhengzhou: The dog that handled card last year begins a yearly check only
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According to Zhengzhou evening paper the report raises a dog to do know from city yesterday, came to was in whole town on December 31, 2007 on October 1, 2007 each area does card dot to deal with " dog kind immunity raises card definitely " 17108 dogs want a yearly check only.

Check time was to will come on October 10 this second year on December 10, holiday is nonstop. In the dog inside yearly check limits the person that raise a dog can be in 9 when to 12 when, 14 when to 17 when nod a dog to designation each yearly check yearly check. "The dog of check will enjoy 3 free service only this second year, catenary of free hydrophobic vaccine, new dog and highest danger of 10 thousand yuan responsibility of the 3rd harm. " raise a dog to do a staff member to say.

Raise a dog to do chief Wang Ping to say, in pay after charge of check of 200 the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, will give dog dog inject wild dog vaccine, change chip date, adapt the card that raise a dog. "Check rolled out new dog catenary and insurance first this second year, have on new dog catenary ' Zhengzhou city raises a dog to do ' model of written characters, also can make apparent mark when will check a dog henceforth. Also can make apparent mark when will check a dog henceforth..

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