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Does pet wear a driveway to encounter traffic accident to calculate do not calcu
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The pet dog of Hangzhou produces traffic accident, claim for compensation " day price " one case had be notted appease, ning Bo produces similar incident one case again. Chaos of dog of a pet wears a driveway, be bumped into dead by the car of a normal travel. This incident whether be traffic accident? How is responsibility maintained? Whether should dog host smooth dog have more tie? Recently, a pet dog traffic accident, wide attention was caused in city of another name for Ningbo.

On September 1 in the evening 8 when make, the Shen Xindong that lives in 3 north of kind brook city to press down drives normal travel is on street of stride of area of peaceful wave Jiang Dong, give dog of a pet suddenly from roadside change, he avoids let not urgent, make friends arrived doggie. After the doggie is sent a hospital, because get hurt too heavy, died in night that day.

Oneself beloved puppy went traffic accident, dog host is very sad. Dog host says, she raised this doggie 6 years, the doggie is mirrorred at ordinary times very agile, because driver speed is too fast,this traffic accident basically is, the doggie has not enough time to avoid let cause, the driver should bear full responsibility accordingly. For this, she raises claim for compensation 3000 yuan.

Driver Shen Xindong has different view however to this. Xiaoshen says, at that time his car is normal on motor-driven driveway travel, from footpath immediate change comes out the doggie. Although fastened dog catenary, but unmanned pulling, after traffic accident happening, the talent that pull a dog runs from footpath. And ground of traffic accident happening is not on pedestrian crosswalk, he does not have fault.

Because current road liaison man is safe in the law, bump into dead dog to belong to traffic accident to the car, did not maintain clearly. Policeman of group of policeman of area of peaceful wave Jiang Dong issued an accident to hold a book, had a description to the accident, but did not hold accident responsibility. How to compensate for as to this, the policeman expresses to be able to talk things over by bilateral proper motion only, or sue to the court.

How did the car bump into a dog to should do after all? Today, a lot of citizens expressed a view to this incident in succession.

"Dog host should assume responsibility. " Mr Zhang that some mechanism works says Ning Bo, peaceful wave city raises canine government measure to make clear a regulation, in be restricted to raise area range inside, the dog goes out only door when must bundle good dog catenary, pull by adult get. This traffic accident advocate because be smooth dog person did not use up tutelar responsibility, pull good dog catenary. Master of taxi driver Pan also expresses, person chaos wears a driveway to encounter traffic accident to still need to admit partial liability, it is the dog runs to motor-driven driveway what is more,the rather that. "The dog runs to the driveway, this itself is a mistake. This itself is a mistake..
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