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Nanjing lay off area of dog of first special stroll
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On Feburary 23, division into districts of company of Nanjing auspicious home gives this city first make offerings to technically the area of dog of canine door stroll, zhu Yaohui of vice-chairman of association of trade of Nanjing city dog tells a reporter, although this just the stroll dog area of open up still appears a little pallet, but it is house of community of home of canine trade association, auspicious however appoint meeting and the result about social orgnaization joint efforts, should say, this kind assumes partial government to raise the form of canine function by social orgnaization, representing way of a when raise canine management significant progress, hope whole society can care the development of course of study of this be related, raise the development prospect with canine better start for the civilized science that raise a dog.

   Area of first stroll dog actually very miserable and shabby

In the morning, in director of auspicious home community evergreen with vice-chairman of association of trade of Nanjing city dog of Zhu Yaohui guide below, the reporter will be located in the area of dog of first special stroll of Nanjing city west the village. If not be constant director and Zhu Yaohui,give directions, the reporter sees this very hard " special " what do stroll dog area and footpath have to distinguish. Actually, area of dog of this special stroll is a 300 meters long footpath, serve as mark to have space with a form brick that blind, the road surface with blind path bit wider a side, as footpath, the road surface with another bit narrower side, regard stroll dog as special section, there is any protecting among column or similar physical isolating device, will " special division " part with footpath. "Can this also call stroll dog special division? " the question that faces a reporter, zhu Yaohui mixes evergreen laugh to get some awkwardness, "A little miserable and shabby really, but this already very not easy, a lot of place visited before us, or is improper, the resident of or periphery and community are not willing, have no alternative under, we were forced to choose here, undertook harmony with branch of public security of street city canal, area, do the work first, adjust slowly again later. Adjust slowly again later..

Subsequently, the reporter went to make a round trip along this narrow road, discovery can make a person exclusively clear feel here is stroll dog of special section, be located in namely east an enclosure at. The colour drawing board that enclosure jacket wears to be made meticulously, tell stroll dog the person with the form of graphic representation and character, here is area of dog of first special stroll of Nanjing city, round-the-clock 24 hours open freely, here stroll dog should abide by a certain number of regulation, for example, cannot let a dog relieve the bowls everywhere, should clear at any time rubbish is waited a moment. Can so cramped space satisfy village dweller to need? Director of auspicious home community is evergreen tell a reporter, auspicious home many 3700 dweller, mutual population 10 thousand much, raise canine person number to be in among them 200 the left and right sides, the time of these person stroll dogs is different, won't be in certain time paragraph concentration arrives one case, basically can satisfy the need of stroll dog.
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