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Lukewarm city urban district raises canine punish action to begin to violate com
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In new Zhejiang net on November 9 report " Wen Zhou urban district raises canine management to set " will begin to carry out on October 1. Yesterday, city seat of government does allotted " the urban district raises a dog to manage special repair work to implement plan " , come since this day in July 2008, the urban district (sea of Lu Cheng, Long Wan, Ou) should undertake special punish acts raising canine management, the behavior raising a dog inside limits of farther normative urban district.

Come since yesterday on December 14, launch phase for conduct propaganda. Will be pre-construction phase on January 15 to next year on December 15, this phase raises canine state to undertake investigating trying to find out the real intention to the urban district about sectional general, master at present the urban district raises canine dimensions, breed, amount and dog to hurt support of the people only hydrophobic come on wait for a circumstance; Fulfil a dog immune site, view and admire the breed standard of dog and spirited dog certainly; Announce concentration to deal with " the dog raises card only " time, place.

Came to will register level handling card for concentration on June 15 on January 15 next year, the person that raise a dog and the place that the unit that raise a dog wants to set deal with the immunity, formalities that register only for the dog, get " the dog raises card only " . Will come to will investigate level for concentration on July 15 on June 15 next year, concerned branch will be investigated lawfully raise a dog without card, violate the compasses stroll dog, faze that raise a dog civilian, raise a dog unavoidable epidemic disease, be restricted to raise an area to raise unit of a many spirited dog, dog, experience dog to exceed limits to manage, stroll dog relieve the bowls everywhere etc violate compasses, be in charge of through closing to in order to check, be in charge of in order to punish hurried, promote raise canine door standard to raise a dog.

In addition, in special punish activity, execute the law to hampering of personnel administration, inspect clue weight by public security mechanism, offer criticism education or give public security is punished lawfully; Those who make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully. Each will take a variety of approaches about the branch, strict control masses raises canine amount, reduce hydrophobic transmission way, reduce a dog to injure a person only the happening of faze civilian incident. In the meantime, will carry out actively raise the dog is declared and encircle (fasten) raise a system. Henceforth, every is raised canine door declares immunity not actively or put in a suitable place to breed the dog injures a person only, everything what cause from this is sequential by raise canine door to assume, the clue is serious, want to investigate relevant law duty.

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