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Pet hospital must is far from public
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The reporter learns from concerned branch today, " orgnaization of animal diagnosis and treatment runs way " (the following abbreviation " method " ) by municipal government standing conference was discussed recently through, will carry out since June 1. According to this regulation, pet hospital must be apart from the school, nursery school, hospital, guesthouse, restaurant to wait public 200 meters beyond. Technology of the establishment that new measure returns pair of pet hospitals, diagnosis and treatment made detailed provision. Add gradually as the citizen of feed pet much, pet hospital develops quickly, the statistic that waits for a branch according to city pasturage shows, up to now, orgnaization of diagnosis and treatment of this city animal amounts to many 200, the individual that undertakes activity of animal diagnosis and treatment amounts to 3000 much people. In partial a section of a highway, concentrated pet hospital already was achieved " make use of every bit of time or space " degree. Because animal diagnosis and treatment is a more special industry, " method " to open animal the condition of orgnaization of diagnosis and treatment made specific provision. Henceforth, orgnaization of open animal diagnosis and treatment ought to accord with following condition: Have fixed business place, and floor area not less than 100 square metre, be apart from the school, nursery school, hospital, guesthouse, restaurant to wait public 200 meters beyond, the blame house that has independent passageway and fluctuation water pipeline uses a room to wait. To strengthen management of animal epidemic prevention, contagion of effective control animal and person cultivate in all the happening of sicken and transmission, " method " still made clear demand to the establishment of pet hospital, content includes: Have pursue the instrument facility such as cold storage of the clinical examination with animal necessary dispensary, cure, assay, operation, disinfection, medicines and chemical reagents; Have 3 above hold from course of study the vet professional of certificate of conformity, have someone the personnel that cultivate has contagion in all must not be engaged in an animal making a diagnosis and give treatment. " method " return a regulation, pet hospital ought to use letter of the anamnesis of unified format, prescription, when examining above have advocate the sign one's name that controls vet affirms, save for future reference of 3 years of above. Operator must not be bought and use drug of false bad animal; Without the license, must not purchase, save, use compulsive immunity to use biological product; Must not abandon at will animal of die in one's bed and pathology organization. Additional, operator of animal diagnosis and treatment holds the project such as training of hairdressing of things of battalion pet, pet, pet, pet and pet fosterage concurrently, its hold battalion area and area of animal diagnosis and treatment concurrently to ought to be installed independently respectively. " method " operator of requirement animal diagnosis and treatment ought to control information about and appraisal of an epidemic of orgnaization report animal to animal sanitation according to concerned regulation, the epidemic disease of a kind of animal that sets to the country and person cultivate suffer from spirited contagion do sth without authorization to have treatment in all, be in 3000 yuan of above 5000 yuan of the following amerce; Cause epidemic situation to diffuse make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.

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