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After Kunming raises canine new rule to apply " head violate do not punish "
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24 days afternoon, the reporter learns, through opinion of extensive consult citizen, this year on October 1 " Kunming city raises a dog regulation " will carry out, execute the law sectional hope implements a change through this byelaw the current situation that at present Kunming dog has cause disaster, management to be out of line.

Annual 240 yuan of administration fee

On the collection of administration fee, the dog of management priority area, press annual administration fee of every 240 yuan of collection; The disabled raises old person of special dog, orphans and widows to raise a dog halve collection administration fee. For military use, alarm with, scientific research is used wait for special dog to be mixed only the dog that manages area commonly is avoided only collect administration fee. The rate of the government that raise a dog of Kunming city signs up for classics province, city to develop department of reform committee, finance to examine and approve by the program, approve via saving a government. Specific standard is, " raise a dog to register card " cost of production every card 20 yuan; Canine plate cost of production every card 20 yuan; Identify chip cost of production (contain chip embedded and artificial cost) every 40 yuan.

Advocate the city zone is banned raise 33 kinds of spirited dogs

Since October 1, 33 kinds of spirited dogs will be not gotten in Kunming advocate raise inside the city zone. The area of focal point of the government that raise a dog that raises by bureau of vet of Kunming city pasturage bans the opinion that raises 33 kinds of spirited dogs, already passed at present. This regulation will be carried out by Kunming city public security bureau from October 1. Relevant controller expresses, forbid the citizen that raises a dog to already was being raised, will set them to transfer these dogs the area of population low density of Kunming city periphery inside deadline.

Key area raises a dog to be registered compulsively

According to " Kunming city raises a dog regulation " the 5th the first section provision: The management that raise a dog executes classified management by key area and general area. The management that raise a dog raises a dog to execute inside key area compulsive immunity and the system that register, the dog is raised to implement compulsive immunity system inside general area.

Introduce according to Li Xiang of deputy director general of Kunming agriculture bureau, open dog is not gotten inside key area kind farm, agriculture (pasturage) the banning that administration department will assist door of public security, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to do the dog inside area of good focal point to breed a place only works. Key area must use entrance vaccine (collect fees every 30 yuan) , general area uses homebred vaccine (every collect fees only 10 yuan) . Like the dog territory is in inside key area, the individual that raises spirited dog should be in the dog that place deals with to raise by oneself before October 1 this year, concentration registers time handling card to be this year on October 6.
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