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The lawyer dispels doubts: Coil up of of Strontium of dish Lai comb is firm mod
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Bump into driver of dead pet dog to sentence compensate 16800 yuan
Analytic car rushs the lawyer the dog calculates traffic accident

Can decide responsibility formerly according to civil code fairness

If the dog did not handle card the accident bumped suddenly in vain

The car rushs dead pet dog, whether to calculate traffic accident? How is responsibility maintained? ... 730 thousand in Google ferret " the car bumps into pet " in information, a lot of people are asking afore-mentioned law the question.

The reporter surveyed 50 people that walk a dog randomly in street again, the number that can answer afore-mentioned questions from legal angle is 0.

Together in the trouble spot that the passenger car hits dog of dead loose lion, the policeman ever also was opposite because of law of road transportation safety this one special main body makes the dog set and fail to decide duty.

The reporter learns, basis of the court that tell a state the fair principle of civil code, sentence the cause trouble driver that makes this case medium to compensate for 16800 yuan, insurance company compensates for 2000 yuan.

Newest case

Bump into driver of dog of dead loose lion to carry 6 into duty

This morning, the reporter learns from the court that tell a state, together in the accident that the car rushs dead dog, the driver is sentenced to assume the liability to pay compensation of 60% .

This year in May, mr Cao flower bought dog of a loose lion 30 thousand yuan, dealt with raise a dog to register card. Morrow, it is being pulled when going out, be died by car make friends.

After the accident, the policeman fails to hold the responsibility that dog host and driver fix in the book in traffic accident. For this, mr Cao reachs driver bridge gentleman those who be its car to cast protect a company to appeal to to the court.

Cognizance of the court that tell a state thinks, this one car bumps into the incident of the dog, belong to traffic accident. But did not decide responsibility scale as a result of the branch that make a valve, according to principle of civil code fairness, partake by bilateral party civil liability.

Forensic court decision: Bridge gentleman drives to did not use up safety to drive compulsory, the agree carries the liability to pay compensation of 60% . The son of Mr Cao pulls a dog to go out door, also did not notice safety, the agree carries oneself losing 40 % .

In the meantime, insurance company should give inside range of limit of liability of compulsory insurance of a third party compensation. Via checking, bridge gentleman drops the insurance that defend, belongings loss maximum indemnity norm is 2000 yuan.

The lawyer dispels doubts

To " the car bumps into dead pet how to do after all " this problem, the reporter asks Chen Nan of solicitor of office of Beijing Hui Cheng's attorney to be spent from responsibility and compensatory isogon undertook major answers doubt.
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