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Compulsive immunity plans to write new code
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Make vaccine every year to the dog regularly

[the current situation] 5 come to will breath out city to be bitten by the dog in July the month overtakes 1000 people

According to statistic of door of town Ministry of Public Health, haing city had 12837 last year the person is bitten by of all kinds pet or claw, the number that is bitten by the dog among them is occupied 90% . Before this year 7 months, because of be bitten by the dog and injecting to branch of city epidemic prevention the patient of wild dog vaccine amounts to 7000 much people, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year increase considerably. This year 5 to July, be bitten by the dog the number all exceeds 1000 people every months, start haing city calendar year most.

Prevent hydrophobic happening, the most significant step is opposite every year regularly namely dog kind undertake hydrophobic the immunity that waits for vaccine injects. 2007, city animal epidemic prevention station begins pair of city dogs kind undertake immunity injects centralized, carry out a dog in all in those days kind the immunity that build card 47832. Before this year 8 months undertake to branch of animal epidemic prevention immunity injects only 15 thousand, 15% what occupy dog of pet of whole town town to raise an amount about.

[harm] the person affects hydrophobic hair ill mortality 100%

Once the mankind is caught hydrophobic, come on whole body of the 3 meetings after coming 4 days is paralytic and dead, send ill mortality 100% . The data shows, the animal is portable hydrophobic virus and do not behave a symptom, poisonous rate of belt of dog of exterior health home is on average 14.9% . In our country the because of hydrophobic death number in 38 kinds of legal contagion resides the 2nd, it is one of contagion with top rate of die in one's bed, healthy to the public endanger with life safety great.

[proposal] compulsive immunity plans to write new code

According to introducing, begin from 2005, harbin city already will hydrophobic bring into animal epidemic disease compulsive immunity plan, in " job of epidemic prevention of Harbin city animal carried out an opinion 2005 " in requirement, increase hydrophobic vaccinal density, density of pet dog immunity is achieved 100% , density of rural dog immunity achieves 85% above. But inscribe questioningly as a result of element of oneself of a few people that raise a dog, cause urban dog directly kind immune rate is low. Accordingly the expert expresses, in the code that draft process lieutenant general makes the relevant provision such as compulsive immunity technically, the collection that considers immune inject insurance premium appropriately and the issue that immune allergy involves.

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