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Does pet wear a driveway to encounter traffic accident to calculate do not calcu
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Nevertheless also the citizen thinks: The dog also is life, the driver encounters this kind of situation, should avoid actively let; A kind pet is host actually demesne belongings, was being bumped to die also is loss of a kind of belongings, the driver should be compensated for.

Zhejiang needs to be " the car rushs a dog " legislative. Legal expert appeals, the person that pet raises in at present city is much, pet encounters the incident of traffic accident happens time and again. Because the car bumps into the qualitative problem of dog case to was not made clear in highway code, because this created a lot of issue, need as soon as possible fill this code is blank. As we have learned, current, branch of Qingdao city policeman already came on stage " the opinion about processing car and accident of canine liaison man " . File regulation, car and dog produce collision on road, grind pressure, scratch, cause the case that the dog gets hurt or dies to belong to traffic accident, the policeman will be handled according to simple and easy program. Drive the person's fault is applicable " law of road transportation safety " wait for traffic safety law, code; The fault of canine party is applicable " the city raises canine government idea " .

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