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Walk a dog not to take dog card to will be fined in Hangzhou
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The time that morning paper dispatch allows to walk a dog is came at 7 o'clock in the evening everyday morrow in the morning at 7 o'clock, take even " dog card " . The reporter executed the law from canal of Hangzhou city town yesterday bureau know, summertime dog kind punish action has been begun at present.

Yesterday early morning 5:20, 25 ace that catch a dog are taking the tool catching a dog such as pinchers, string bag, punish breaks the law raise a dog, do not wait for behavior by formulary stroll dog.

Be in two half hours in, execute the law personnel captures in all, of short duration buckled 14 dogs, among them careless dog 8, pet dog 6.

Summertime dog kind punish activity still will continue. City canal executes the law the branch reminds, host goes out when walking a dog, want to pull the string of firm love dog, on the belt " the licence that raise a dog " . Additional, carry some of newspaper, mineral water as far as possible, excrete excrement and urine for oneself doggie " deal with problems arising from an accident " , the attention maintains environmental sanitation.

Code is linked

Basis " Hangzhou city restricts the regulation that raise a dog " , allow the unit that raises a dog and individual, must abide by following item:

1) allow to carry small-sized view and admire a dog to go out door time is 19 when to morrow 7 when. Canine outdoors excretes excrement and urine, the person that carry a dog ought to give instantly cleared;

2) small-sized view and admire a dog to be in allow to give a time inside, must fasten canine card, bundle canine catenary, pull by adult get. Large dog must be encircled (bolt) raise, must not go out door;

3) must not carry a dog to enter the market, shop, restaurant, park, communal greenbelt, school, hospital, exhibition, cinema, stadium house, pleasure ground, station, airport with etc public;

4) raise a dog without approving do sth without authorization, by the dog kind director branch is confiscated, raise a dog to the unit, place with 5000 yuan of above 10000 yuan of the following amerce, raise a dog to the individual, place with 3000 yuan of above 5000 yuan of the following amerce.

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