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" Kunming city raises a dog regulation " there still is new move after the secti
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■ this period honored guest
Yang Guohua: Public security of Kunming city public security bureau manages the header in detachment
He Ruhua: Raise dog citizen
Yang Lei: Dean of hospital of pet of health treasure of Kunming heart beauty
Yesterday, " Kunming city raises a dog regulation " carry out formally. Dog dog falls " registered permanent residence " it seems that the issue is not large, but the person of the care is true still many. From September 24 " Kunming city raises a dog regulation " after releasing, our newspaper receives a lot of telephone calls that refer pertinent question, the issue involves the issue of baby dog dog, who is anxious. This period round table, we ask a few citizens that raise a dog and director staff to the spot, let them mix all problems, interrogative, proposal the appeal was conveyed along with all the others come out.
■ honored guest viewpoint
The standard raises a dog very necessary
He Ruhua: I raise Kunming dog and Tibetan mastiff to wait fast 10 years. Kunming raises dog management and countrywide photograph to compare still is lag behind quite and inattentive, did not raise canine association. Publicize an idea to raising canine act to should enhance legal system, especially the breed aquatics of large dog, should have breed, a series of normative behavior of sale, precaution. I am right " Kunming city raises a dog regulation " be approve of, because normative citizen is raised,the dog is mixed the industry that raise a dog is good. " byelaw " in general, feeling or body reveal human nature to turn management.
Yang Guohua: " Kunming city raises a dog regulation " dominant thought turns into: Can raise, but want a standard to raise.
I feel from inside old job, raise a dog to be able to let a person feel buoyant, but non-standard also can create problem of a few societies likewise, for instance yip faze civilian, the dog hurts dung of person, dog to affect the issue such as the environment only, these are non-standard raise a dog to cause. Most serious is the question that raises large dog, a few large dogs are feraller, banning especially raise an area in, personnel is concentrated, the possibility that creates harm to the person is larger. But not be all and large dog forbids to raise, a few more valuable dogs kind, can raise inside blame key area.
Normative is the person's behavior
Yang Guohua: " byelaw " the key that come on stage is to guide the civilization that raise a dog, problem of the culture that raise a dog remains at citizen civilization degree rise. Because this is in the process that the civilized quality of people did not arrive at, only useful " byelaw " come the behavior of normative everybody. Of course the interest requirement that byelaw satisfies each person impossibly in each respect, this also ask everybody to understand.
He Ruhua: What should manage is the behavior of the person that raise a dog, from law there perhaps should be strict regulation on byelaw. The dog to can'ting help raising, also should do good precaution and government, go out for instance the requirement is taken with drawing, wear the mouth to cover etc. All dogs can injure a person, the act that raises dog person to want pair of him dog dogs is responsible.
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