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Guangzhou: Raise canine administration fee first years 700 yuan second year 300
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Today (29 days) in the morning, 11 times the conference listens to standing committee of 13 National People's Congress municipal government about " Guangzhou city raises a dog regulation (draft) " specification and inside department appoint about " Guangzhou city raises a dog regulation (draft) " the report that discusses an opinion. New draft made clear the bounds of citizen attention to raise limits and the question such as the administration fee that raise a dog.
Whether be restricted to raise see height not only

New draft changed what apply since 1997 " Guangzhou city raises canine management to set " in, be restricted high to raise the way of limits as standard regulation alone with the dog only. Old standard appeared in be operated actually a lot of problems, enter after the doggie when be being registered for example is grown be restricted to raise range. Carry out experience according to the management of expert opinion and Hong Kong and other places, new draft from the dog limits was raised to be made afresh to be restricted on dangerous sex limit. And the dog is only dangerous the gender is main from the dog the respect such as rate of feature of appearance of category, characteristics, substance, training is made make an on-the-spot investigation all-aroundly.

The administration fee that raise a dog is annual 300 yuan

New draft makes clear a regulation: Public security mechanism besides unified print " raise a dog to register card " with canine card besides, still will make electronic status label for every dog. It is reported, identity of this kind of electron marks, as the electronic Id of the dog, store the information such as the connection means of the age that has a dog, sort and its feeder, after dog be lost or injury person, can find out dog host directly.

And the administration fee raising a dog that gets citizen care fully opens veil finally: Every dog is 700 yuan the first year, it is 300 yuan every year since the 2nd year. Raise the requirement of special dog to a few special groups, concerned branch also gave sufficient consideration: Raise guide the special group of blind dog, assist dog, lest capture raises a dog,can expend. In the meantime, raise sterilization dog, from the dog also can enjoy of sterilization since years only avoid capture two years to raise canine administration fee.

Do not get dog card to fine 2000 yuan

New draft is in " strengthen administration " on the foundation of the concept, increased the condemnatory strength to a few relevant behavior.

Draft regulation, did not apply for to deal with raise a dog to register card, raise a dog without card, public security mechanism but sequestered dog, instruct the application inside 3 days to fill do register, can manage pair of units every dog 5000 yuan, to the individual every dog 2000 yuan amerce. And exceed the time limit does not apply for those who do to fill, the dog will be confiscated only.

To not pay raises canine administration fee, instruct deadline to fill by public security mechanism hand in, can punish every dog 1000 yuan of above 2000 yuan of the following amerce; Exceed the time limit does not hand in, confiscate a dog, revoke " raise a dog to register card " , call in canine card.
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