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Go abroad come back not to take pet to take a dog to must declare quarantine in
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Go abroad come back not to take condition of pet Guangdong discrepancy to examine in disorder it is dangerous that quarantine bureau reminds a citizen to beware species enters territory

A few days ago, a lady of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that comes from Singapore carries rare view and admire a fish to enter a country, immediateness is held back by airport quarantine personnel. After quarantine personnel explained concerned policy, she agrees to will enter a country illegally " smuggling fish " leave by friend belt leave the country. Guangdong discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau warns a citizen about chief, go abroad the banned article such as content, fruit is not driven when returning, lest harmful species enters territory.

Take banned content to enter grow in quantity of the person that close to grow false arrival as the Spring Festival, a lot of going abroad visit one's family, the passenger of travel always can take a bit thing incidentally, carry banned matter inadvertently " enter close " be intercepted and capture the circumstance also sees more increasingly. Since this year January, condition of Guangzhou airport discrepancy examines quarantine bureau is in enter a country in the passenger's baggage, for many times search check gives horn of apple, citric, mango, chili, black to wait for fruit vegetables, and ripe beef, salty fish fish of dry, 3 article, sausage, shrimp piece wait for candy of animal product and pepper sauce, Durian, mango to work wait for other goods, intercept and capture papaya solid fly, guava solid fly, few from which the dangerous and venereal insect pest such as elephant of pulp of solid fly of Mao Shi fly, chili, mango 12 batches, reduced evil living things to pass into the risk of territory greatly.

Foreign fruit is easy cause epidemic situation at present, because of the person that go abroad increasing, the passenger carries content quarantine complex with each passing day also. According to statistic, last year annual, guangdong examines quarantine branch is carried from the passenger in all epidemic situation is intercepted and capture in the fruit that enter a country 255 batch 27 kinds, among them fly of small fruit of malic moth moth, orange one, 2, 3 kinds of dangerous and venereal insect pest took 130 batch 10 kinds, among them only Guangzhou airport examines quarantine bureau, intercept and capture one, 2 kinds of plant diseases and insect pests 159 batches, than going up year of growth 130 % . As we have learned, prohibit entering a country the likelihood in article the disease that cultivate has someone in all or move plant plant diseases and insect pests, can give people production of healthy, aricultural and zoology environment, and the relevant industry such as travel, food causes great menace. Once let conceal of dangerous and venereal pest enter a country, create epidemic situation popularity likely. In the meantime, once exotic harmful organisms is passed into, it is very difficult to should eradicate thoroughly, the price of prevention and cure that is used at controlling its to endanger is great, cost is very high.
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