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The doorsill that raise a dog rises refine master obligation
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Relevant management department is unscrambled " dog of peony river urban district kind run temporary measure "

" dog of peony river urban district kind run temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " method " ) will apply formally on August 1, 2008. New carry out " method " in all 24, contrast has very big change before. Dog of city public security bureau kind when hill of Li Suo of administrative institute director is accepting a reporter to interview, right new " method " 9 large window refer read.

The doorsill that raise a dog rises

With what carried out 1990 " method " photograph comparing, new " method " regulation, deal with doorsill of canine card fee the first year to rise. Raise canine applicant to get canine card to need to cost 110 yuan only before. Will rise on August 1 from this year, be restricted to raise an area inside get canine card the first year to collect fees it is 500 yuan, pay year of 200 yuan careful fee every year later.

Li Suo hill says, according to not complete count, our country is raised about have 100 million dogs, kill to control hydrophobic, dog effectively, create the social environment of sweet harmony, need limitation is restricted to raise area citizen to raise large dog.

Execute be restricted to raise management

New " method " after carrying out, the limits that is restricted to raise an area to raise a dog is: ? of Zhi of  of  put down reachs chrysanthemum west hill on the west, the new developed area austral Na Zhijiang (include thriving town) , north comes 8 amount to a village, purify before town of birch Lin Zhen, Wen Chun and place belong to village collect, contractible be restricted to raise an area to raise canine range. The main purpose that such doing is, in cannot put an end to the base that raises a dog to go up to raise a dog with respect to control, dredge raises a dog to be killed in order to achieve control dog.

Ban raise sort fine delimit

Before, the sort of the large dog that the our city is restricted to raise an area to be able to be raised is more ambiguous, no matter it is size, OK to accord with a place raise. But new " method " after carrying out, be restricted to raise every dweller inside the area to be able to be raised only reach 2 medium or small dog, prohibit raising dog Tibetan mastiff, Germany sheperd dog, Caucasian dog, Niubolidu dog of dog, Niu Fenlan dog, big red dog, big polar bear, Labuladuo dog of dog, Shenyang red wolf, .

Take care of weak force group

New " method " executed to weak force group take care of. For instance, the blind is pulled those who get guide blind dog, person of limb weight incomplete pulls the assist dog that get to be able to follow the blind and the territory of the person that weigh incomplete, and when this kind of personnel is handling canine card, OK and free. This reflected the consideration to weak force group.

Farmer raises a dog to relax

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