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American man saves love dog in barehanded shark mouth
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Xinhua net Washington the pet dog of a man of electric United States will be atttacked on September 30 a few days ago by the shark, this man is barehanded rescue love dog from inside shark mouth.

Occupy local media 30 days to report, le Nuo of · of case of thunder of case of Mo Lada's dweller is taking Florida city Yi Sila 26 days 28 months are big, heavy about 6. 3 kilograms mouse dog " Jackie " head for one place beach to take a walk. When " Jackie " when the seaside swims, one grows about 1. 5 meters shark rises to surface suddenly, one buccal general its bite into.

The Le Nuo on the bank sees this circumstance, in jumping into the sea instantly, the back after bash shark. The shark is final release what is held, le Nuo and " Jackie " safety swims on the bank.

It is Le Nuo of 53 years old to say: "Our couple does not have the child. ' Jackie ' the child that is us. When I see the shark wants to gobble up it, I think, cannot end so. Cannot end so..

The cure of hospital of an animal of local protects personnel to help " Jackie " handled cut. The tooth of the shark is bitten wore " Jackie " a few musculature on the skin and abdomen, bosom and back, but " Jackie " the care of asexuality life.

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