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The United States " pet goes vacationing village " faddish
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A lot of people go out travel choice is in fosterage of the pet in the home pet hotel. As host people the demand is higher and higher, american pet service industry rolls out pet to go vacationing in succession village, provide high-grade lodging service for pet.

Establishment is luxurious

Faddish temporarily pet goes vacationing village and traditional pet hotel are widely divergent. People goes out when going vacationing, choose to lodge pet simply in kennel no longer, hope they have a happy vacation likewise however.

A few pet go vacationing the luxurious inner room that the village provides 24 hours of round-the-clock services, hot spring washs bath, natant etc a variety of motion projects. Some go vacationing the village offers pet even private chef, for what nag " deadbeat " service.

The United States " Cang Guchong content goes vacationing village " it is lodging hotel of a common pet only originally, already changed to go vacationing as pet now village, not only offer pet bed, return form a complete set to have pet TV channel. American Microsoft - website of countrywide Broadcasting Corporation 22 days of cite go vacationing the word report of village director Gelunda Shiluode, "The development trend that this report gives pet to serve the market " .

The United States rests Si Dui " pet palace " deserve to luxurious car goes receiving pet to be entered in master home even. Cold drink etc is offerred on the car multinomial service, ensure pet is comfortable loosen.

   The service is comprehensive

Pet goes vacationing the village offers pet daily activity project, swim for example, take a walk and special playtime. The playtime of cat and dog is apart, have respective recreational project and place.

Cease Si Dui " pet palace " have castle of a cat, all deserve to have a 757 litres aquarium inside among them apartment. If host has a few cats, still can choose apartment. "Pet palace " · of Er of boss Da Lei says than Wensi, these apartment day rent charge differ to 22 dollars from 16 dollars.

If host is not willing,oneself cat and the dog that fasten a family live in same home pet to go vacationing village, also can choose what offer technically for the cat to go vacationing village.

For instance, in American san Francisco " of the cat wish " and " the dream of caviar " go vacationing village, provide the room of different style for the cat, still have the caviar big food before sleeping.

If master inconvenience often calls,ask pet state, can choose to take photograph the room that resembles a head. Cease near Si Dui " Ba Jindu inn " provide this kind of room technically. Master one party also can find a place for photograph like the head, convenient pet sees him, perhaps talk to pet.

   The price differs

Each pet go vacationing village service is endless and same, the price also differs very far.

Pet enters Persia to pause suburb " dog of Yang Jichong content is recreational " , daily hire 100 dollars, include a day of room, wash bath, massage and sufficient cure, and offer pet park to go even Nan Dajite insular You Lun.
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